Online “Sprint” Course Gives You The Blueprint For Publishing Digital Magazines

Dec 22, 2023

Have you ever wanted to publish your own digital magazine on the Google or iOS app stores? Check out the MagCast Bobsled Run, which will teach you exactly how to launch your first issue!

Launching a magazine for the first time may seem daunting, but there are masters out there who have gotten the process down to an art. And now, you can learn from a couple of them because MagCast, the premier publishing platform for digital magazines, is opening up their Bobsled Run to the public! Previously only available to MagCast members, this crash course will teach you everything you need to know about launching your magazine successfully and having it stay successful!

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Guidance from the Experts

As with previous iterations, the current MagCast Bobsled Run will be led by two owners of MagCast, each with over a decade of digital publishing experience. The goal of the course is to equip you with the tools to launch a magazine in 2024 and position it for continued growth throughout its lifetime.

What’s great about this course is that you can learn at your own pace. While it's ideal if you can attend the five sessions live in Zoom, if you can't or you’re one of those slow-and-steady people, you can still benefit from all the content the program has to offer by watching the well-organized session replays.

The replays, which will be accessible for up to a year, make it possible to take in (or review) each session's material at your own pace. Speed runs aren’t for everyone, and that’s totally fine!

Magazine Publishing: Is it Right For You?

Publishing a magazine is pretty cool in theory and in practice, but it takes some skills that most people don't innately have. That’s why the first of the five sessions is intended to help you determine whether publishing is the right venture for you.

As such, the class will cover fundamental topics, such as suitable niches. That means you can learn pretty early on whether the stuff you’re interested in covering in your magazine about will actually do well as magazine content.

But if you’re in it more for the sake of just getting a magazine out there, that’s also all well and good - there are plenty of real-world benefits to magazine ownership, and the instructors will teach you all about them!

And you’ll learn how to address publisher anxiety and avoid common mistakes that novices may make in the process of launching their magazines. These classes really cover all the bases!

The Business Side of Things

The second module will instruct you on choosing the appropriate direction for your publication. This includes selecting a niche, naming and pricing your issues, and deciding on a publishing cadence - that is, whether you want new issues to be published monthly, quarterly, etc.

Subsequent classes focus on sourcing content and photos, marketing and promotion, and other aspects of media entrepreneurship to ensure a successful launch. Magazine ownership is a business, and MagCast is here to make sure yours thrives.

About MagCast

MagCast has provided its services to novice and experienced magazine publishers for more than a decade. By making the MagCast Bobsled Run available to the public, the platform remains committed to supporting independent publishers and small entrepreneurs alike.

“The Bobsled Run is a condensed, lightning-fast course that packs six weeks of deep dive material into five days,” says Damian Loth, one of the owners. “You'll learn everything from how to source treasure troves of great content to how to build real relationships with the movers and shakers in your industry to help promote and grow your magazine - and your revenue.”

By the way, you’ll also get some incredible participation bonuses just for enrolling in the course. These include professionally designed magazine assets, including a cover for your inaugural issue and home screen icons, and a one-on-one strategy consultation with one of the MagCast experts. You’d have to pay for these otherwise, so it’s a great deal!

You’ll get plenty of other perks for joining the MagCast Bobsled Run - as if the course content isn’t already a huge perk! So visit to apply today and join the hundreds of successful graduates in digital publishing!

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