Online Business Loans Just Launched For Merchants With Bad Cedit

Nov 30, 2022

A new financing product for business owners was just launched in the US that will fund merchants regardless of thier credit score.

Online Business Loans Just Launched For Merchants With Bad Cedit

Speedy Business Funding announced the launch of merchant cash advance and business loan service for small businesses. They soon will be able to approve business owners online or over the phone twenty four hours a day in about 90 seconds.

Speedy Business Funding has announced the launch of its new funding solutions and technology to help small businesses across the US get quick and easy access to capital irrespective of their credit history in as little as 15 minutes.

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With the new announcement, Speedy Business Funding is looking to simplify the process of securing funding through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Small businesses often find it difficult to get loans from banks and lenders. These traditional lenders typically have a long list of requirements and the process of securing financing can often take weeks or months. In addition, business owners with bad credit or a history of bankruptcy are often rejected.

Speedy Business Funding uses an algorithm of performance data to quicken loan processing. The company currently pre-approves businesses online in as little as 90 seconds and processes requests in a matter of hours and the entire process only takes one to two days. Often the business can have the funds in their account the same day they are approved. Companies of all kinds, including those in operation for only one to two months or more with a $4,000 minimum monthly revenue, are eligible to apply for loans. Soon this whole process will be cut down to 90 second approvals with 15 minute funding and the money will be deposited in the merchants account within hours.

The company offers three types of services -- merchant cash advance, term loans and lines of credit. Merchant cash advances, in which cash is provided to businesses based on their anticipated future sales, is the easiest to obtain and credit is not an issue. Term loans and lines of credit require a minimum credit score. Businesses can get pre-approved for all three services in 90 seconds or less by filling a simple online application or by calling their 800 number 24/7.

The company’s criteria for accepting loan requests are much more accommodating as compared to traditional lenders. It pre-approves loan applications from small businesses owners with a bad credit history as long as they meet certain basic requirements such as a minimum monthly deposit in a business checking account. Business owners are free to use the money for advertising, expansion or for any other business purpose they deem fit.

Part of Speedy Holdings Group, Inc., Speedy Business Funding is based in Melbourne, Florida and offers loans in all 50 states. With its range of new services, the company is seeking to provide a flexible and convenient option for entrepreneurs to grow their small businesses.

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