Online Breathwork Facilitator Training: Become A Certified In-Person Coach

Oct 4, 2023

The next session of NeuroDynamic Institute’s online breathwork facilitator training starts March 2, 2024. Spots are filling up quickly! Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Enroll today.

Change your life in 2024 enrolling in NeuroDynamic Institute’s online breathwork facilitator training.

NeuroDynamic Institute’s next 6-month online training program will commence on March 2nd, 2024, and you are welcome to enroll now for spots are filling in quick. NeuroDynamic Institute describes their online breathwork facilitator training as a live online training course as it features live expert workshops from renowned breathwork facilitators like founder Michael Stone, as well as from other special guests.

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Michael Stone developed NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ almost a decade ago and has since facilitated this unique breathwork modality to the hundreds of thousands of participants. This science-based form of breathwork has been associated with overwhelmingly positive outcomes for the vast majority of practitioners and Stone believes it can facilitate life-changing experiences and significant personal development for participants like you.

Therefore, through NeuroDynamic Institute, his online teaching institute, he is proud to again be offering an intensive 6-month breathwork facilitator training program to you. It is perfect for you if you would like to become an online or in-person breathwork coach working with the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality.

The live online 6-month training course comprises a 350-hour study curriculum, with both online and in-person practicum breathwork sessions included. In addition to a detailed and unique curriculum, if you participate in NeuroDynamic Institute’s upcoming March breathwork training, you will also have the opportunity to build connections with your allocated study group of like-minded breathwork students.

Michael Stone has over 40 years of experience in breathwork facilitation, and given his status as an industry leader, you will achieve formal certification as a breathwork coach in your own right following your completion of their online breathwork facilitator training.

NeuroDynamic Institute is devoted to advancing the healing potential of breathwork through a growing network of breathwork teachers and students.

A spokesperson for Michael Stone’s breathwork practice and teaching institute said, “We are confident that there is no other online breathwork facilitator teaching training program on the planet that offers you as deep, comprehensive, experiential and diverse material as we do here. In the course of the facilitator training program, in addition to the high-quality breathwork training, many students also report going through a paradigm shift that has the potential to help you consciously navigate life from a completely different level of comprehension.”

If you’re looking to gain the skills you need to heal the people around you, and you want to join a growing community of breathwork coaches, NeuroDynamic Institute has the best breathwork facilitator teacher training program available.

Visit if you’re ready to enroll for the March breathwork training program.

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