One-On-One Summer Learning Camp: Personalized System To Retain & Apply Knowledge

Jul 3, 2024

Has your child been finding school difficult? Good grades been hard to come by? Sign them up for Summer Turbo Boost by Turbo Learner. The program focuses on how we learn not just what we learn and it’s revolutionized academic performance for hundreds of kids.

Is your child struggling in school? Does the whole system of learning seem to make things worse not better? Want to unlock your child's potential?

For a fresh take on learning, check out Turbo Learner! There's 12 spaces available in its Summer Turbo Boost program – don't miss out!

This elite program is an expansion of Turbo Learner's Super Student Program, offering an accelerated six-week syllabus to ready students for the resumption of the academic term in the fall. The company believes that every middle and high school student has the potential to learn anything and both retain and apply knowledge to improve their grades. Want to give your kids that chance?

Optimizing Learning Skills

The Summer Turbo Boost focuses on optimizing learning skills with tutors working one-on-one with each enrollee to curate a learning system that plays to their strengths and builds confidence. The new summer syllabus has been expanded to include all optional modules, giving you access to an even more comprehensive program within an expedited timeframe.

How It Works

The Turbo Learner system allows the team to assemble a learning process from a repertoire of around 100 strategies and techniques. Your child's personal program is based on 17 learning factors that inform what type of strategy will work best for their individual needs. The company believes that your child learns best when his or her ability aligns with their willingness to learn. By empowering students with a learning method that is tailor-made for them, Turbo Learner has helped hundreds of children fulfill their academic potential.

“This method has allowed me to breeze through 3 degrees, my older son through 3 majors, and my younger son to be a 4.0 GPA senior,” says Turbo Learner founder and coach Prakash V Rao. “This method will unlock your child’s learning potential.”

Memorize Anything!

The summer program teaches each child a unique system to memorize knowledge on a variety of subjects. Candidates are also shown specially developed note-taking and study techniques – all of which tie in with their identified learning factors.

Cost Effective

The course gives you a cost-effective alternative to private tuition which can cost as much as $80 per hour and is likely to stretch on for many months at a time. Other learning centers charge in the region of $1400 for 24 hours of tuition. Turbo Learner's six-week summer program is available for a one-time fee and offers your children a system that they can use for the rest of their academic careers and beyond.

If you're interested in registering your children for the Summer Turbo Boost, you can schedule a discovery call via the website.

For true innovation in education, you can rely on Turbo Learner!

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