Oncology Esthetics Training Courses: How To Safely Care For Cancer Patients

Feb 24, 2024

Learning the basics of oncology esthetics, using safe techniques to reduce skin-related side effects, and building visibility in your community are just three objectives of the Life-Changing Oncology Esthetics® training program, says Oncology Spa Solutions.

Undergoing cancer treatment can be an extremely difficult process. Between the treatments and the illness itself, patients can experience pain, nausea, and tiredness, among other symptoms. However, one aspect that many people often overlook is how cancer can affect a patient’s self-image, with some experiencing hair thinning, weakened nails, or dry and discolored skin. That’s why Oncology Spa Solutions provides specialized online and in-person oncology esthetics training to equip estheticians like you to work with cancer patients. Their focus on skin, hair, and nail care, along with cancer side effects education, helps to ensure safe and compassionate patient care.

To learn more about Oncology Spa Solution’s training courses, continue reading or check out their website.

Courses Offered

As part of their Life-Changing Oncology Esthetics® program, Oncology Spa Solutions offers one introductory course and three full online training course options, all of which are accredited through the NCEA’s Commission on Accreditation. Here’s what’s included in each option:

  • Option 1: This course includes a full online course, exam, certificate, training materials, forms, oncology-trained tote, LED, headband, highlighter/pen, products, samples, and the hands-on clinic.
  • Option 2: This course includes a full online course, exam, certificate, training materials, forms, and products.
  • Option 3: This course includes a full online course, exam, and certificate only.

For each course, the certificate expires after 2 years. For details on renewing, click here.

Course Objectives

Once you finish the Life-Changing Oncology Esthetics® course you will be able to:

  • Describe the basics of cancer as it relates to skincare
  • Employ safe techniques to reduce skin-related side effects 
  • Determine proper products and ingredients to use on compromised skin
  • Select and customize safe treatments for those who have undergone cancer treatments
  • Utilize course material to increase your client base
  • Create positive visibility within your community
  • Create a referral system with Doctors, Hospitals, and Cancer Centers

Why Choose Oncology Spa Solutions

Founded in 2013, Oncology Spa Solutions has more than a decade of experience providing estheticians and medical professionals with comprehensive oncology training so they can offer the best care possible. In that time, they have taught over 7,000 students and helped twice as many cancer patients. Now, it’s your turn!

Ready to begin your oncology training? Get started today at https://oncologyspasolutions.com/lifechangingesthetictraining

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