Omiana Unveils Latest Talc-Free Mineral Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Sep 28, 2023

Proudly introducing Omiana’s latest innovation: Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation – Leading the way in talc-free makeup and organic skincare for sensitive skin.

Omiana, a pioneer in talc free makeup and organic skincare for sensitive skin, is proud to announce the launch of their lates product: Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation. This new addition to Omiana's product lineup is set to revolutionize the clean beauty segment by offering this foundation that delivers exceptional coverage with a commitment to simplicity and purity.

Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation is the culmination of years of research with no mica in makeup and a dedication to providing their sensitive skin customers with the very best in clean, vegan beauty products. This creamy foundation is meticulously crafted for all skin types, offering a flawless complexion while prioritizing the use of simple, highly effective ingredients and build off of their matte brown eyeshadow, loose eyeshadow powder, loose powder bronzer, and foundation mousse.

Key Features:

Pure Simplicity: Omiana believes in the power of simplicity. This long-lasting foundation is mica-free, offering a pure and straightforward formula that sensitive skin will love. Say goodbye to potentially skin irritating and hello to clean, organic beauty.

Radiant Coverage: Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation without tocopheryl acetate provides creamy, concentrated, and intense coverage that blends seamlessly with a variety of skin types. Whether looking for a natural everyday look or preparing for a special occasion, Omiana's foundation is designed deliver impeccable results.

All-Day Confidence: Enjoy the confidence that comes with a foundation that stays in place all day. No more midday touch-ups—Pure Perfection opens the door to a flawless look lasts from morning to night.

Versatile Beauty: Perfect for everyday wear or professional photoshoots, Omiana's new Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation adapts to any situation. Omiana helps it's customers capture their best selves in every snapshot with its non-greasy and intense coverage.

Natural Aroma: Experience a delightful touch of natural aroma thanks to the skin-loving palmarosa oil infused into the formula. This foundation is fragrance-free makeup, meaning that it contains no artificial scents; instead, it lets the natural aromas of its ingredients shine through.

Clean Beauty Standards: committed to clean beauty. Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. Plus, it's proudly made in the USA.

Omiana's dedication to crafting high-quality, clean beauty products has never been more evident than with Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation. Individuals can elevate their beauty routines with a foundation that celebrates their unique radiance while also respecting the planet and its creatures.

Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation is available now on Omiana's website. Those interested in embracing the power of simplicity and natural beauty are encouraged to join in. For more information, product samples, or media inquiries, please email:

[email protected]

About Omiana:

Omiana is a leading brand in the clean beauty and skincare industry, committed to providing consumers with pure, effective, and cruelty-free products. With a focus on simplicity and natural ingredients, Omiana empowers individuals to enhance their beauty while promoting sustainability and ethical practices.

For more information about Omiana and Pure Perfection Mineral Foundation, please visit Omiana.

Social Media Links: Omiana Facebook and Omiana Instagram.

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