Oklahoma City’s Best Gopher & Mole Extermination From Top Pest Control Pros

May 12, 2023

Are you tired of pesky vermin leaving mounds of dirt all over your lawn or yard? Then let the gopher and mole extermination experts at The Tunnel Rat (405-256-3320) take a look at them for you!

As summer quickly approaches, so does the proliferation of gopher and mole holes and mounds in your lawn or yard. But it doesn't have to be this way. Thanks to The Tunnel Rat, you can have your lawn or yard looking lush all summer long!

The Tulsa-based company is now providing its safe and affordable nuisance wildlife control services to home and business owners in Oklahoma City. The Tunnel Rat uses no poisons, baits, or chemicals, instead opting for below-ground traps that present no danger to your kids and pets.

Go to https://www.thetunnelrat.com to find out more.

Every year gophers and moles account for a large percentage of the damage done to lawns and yards in the U.S. This is because their diets consist primarily of worms, insects, grass, and weeds, which lawns and yards have in abundance. Lawns and yards also offer suitable climates for them to burrow and produce litters in. Using its effective removal techniques, The Tunnel Rat exterminates these rodents and then puts measures in place to prevent reoccurrence.

The first step of the process is a consultation where one of The Tunnel Rat’s extermination experts will assess the damage done to your lawn or yard and provide an estimate for services. They will then strategically set up subterranean traps to capture the gophers and moles that are causing the problems. After about a week, the expert will return to check the traps, remove any rodents that have been caught, and set new traps if needed. This process continues until the area is rodent-free and your lawn or yard has been restored.

To prevent reoccurrence, The Tunnel Rat can leave traps if needed, however, additional fees may apply. Their extermination experts will also share tips and strategies you can use to prevent them from infiltrating your lawn or yard again. Additionally, they will assist you in restoring your lawn to its original condition, no matter how big the damage is.

By removing gophers and moles, you not only improve the look of your lawns or yard but also allow the much-needed natural interactions of the grass, plants, and insects to continue. Moreover, you are also protecting your sprinkler system, underground wiring and piping, and root systems.

The Tunnel Rat disposes of all gophers and moles safely and humanely. All of their techniques are environmentally friendly and have been proven to pose no risk to kids, pets, other wild animals, and other bystanders.

"The experts at The Tunnel Rat are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable,” said a satisfied customer. “About a week and a half after initially setting the traps, they came back to check the traps. There were seven caught. They placed new traps at the new activity mounds, and the number caught decreased significantly. My husband and I are so pleased with their services."

To get a no-obligation estimate from The Tunnel Rat, you can call them at the number provided or fill out the contact form on their website.

About The Tunnel Rat

The Tunnel Rat is a family-owned and operated company that was created as an expansion of an already-successful lawn care and landscaping company. It has been providing professional gopher and mole removal services to customers in Central and Northeast Oklahoma since 2018.

Have your lawn looking its best this summer by visiting https://www.thetunnelrat.com

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