Oklahoma City Hospital Offers Inpatient Rehabilitation For Stroke & Brain Injury

Dec 4, 2020

Oklahoma City-based Everest Rehabilitation Hospital OKC uses advanced robotic rehabilitation technology to help patients who’ve had a stroke or sustained brain damage to recover faster.

Want to fast-track your loved one’s recovery from stroke or brain damage? Everest Rehabilitation Hospital OKC can help.

Oklahoma City, OK based Everest Rehabilitation Hospital OKC announces the launch of its stroke and brain injury rehabilitation inpatient program. This specifically designed program is intended for patients recovering from ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, brain damage, and traumatic brain injury.

Learn more by visiting https://www.everestrehab.com

This specialized treatment program was launched to help your loved one regain their strength and movement so they can live as independently as possible. By offering an inpatient service, the facility can offer more intensive rehabilitation while providing round-the-clock care given the patients’ delicate condition.

A stroke happens when an artery in the brain becomes blocked, thus depriving the organ of oxygen-rich blood. Brain injury, on the other hand, is most often caused by trauma to the head, such as during an accident.

Given the debilitating effects that strokes and brain injury can inflict on a person, careful rehabilitation is required when treating patients. To achieve this, the hospital takes a multi-disciplinary approach wherein a group of therapists and professionals work together to coordinate care, set goals, and track progress.

Your loved one is given a dedicated case manager, who closely coordinates with you regarding rehabilitation and progress. All therapy sessions are designed to optimize their functional abilities, allowing them to regain control not only of their bodies but their lives.

There are 36 private rooms in Everest Rehabilitation Hospital OKC that provide a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to recovery. The patients receive compassionate care from all the medical staff and gain access to cutting-edge robotic rehabilitation technology.

You may visit https://www.everestrehab.com/okc.html to learn more.

Everest Rehabilitation Hospital OKC is a leading rehabilitation center that provides patient-focused care. It has six locations across the country and offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs for a wide variety of conditions.

A spokesperson says: “Stroke and brain damage can have devastating effects on people’s quality of life. But our rehabilitation program enables patients to return home to their loved ones and enjoy a fulfilling life. Our goal is to prove there is indeed life after getting these serious conditions.”

Your loved one deserves expert and attentive rehabilitation during their recovery. Get in touch with Everest Rehabilitation Hospital OKC to get started.

You can find further information about Everest Rehabilitation Hospital OKC and its services through https://www.everestrehab.com/programs.html

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