Oklahoma Addiction Recovery Programs Offer Drug & Alcohol Dependence Help

Mar 6, 2024

Looking for a top-notch rehab center to help with overcoming substance dependence? Calusa Recovery (866-939-6292) offers holistic rehabilitation programs to treat drug and alcohol abuse, mental health disorders, and a range of other addictions.

If you're ready to take control back of your life and defeat your addiction, the holistic recovery programs at Calusa Recovery can help!

Check out the range of programs at https://calusarecovery.com

The recovery programs take place at the center’s Florida facility but are open for residents of Oklahoma and other parts of the United States.

With program registration now open, Calusa Recovery is committed to giving you holistic care and compassionate attention if you're struggling with an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, opioids, and more.

Get Compassionate Care

A recent study in the Journal of Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs shows that a holistic treatment approach can contribute significantly to creating a safe, stable environment that produces positive effects for substance users, thereby facilitating better chances of long-term recovery. The personalized programs at Calusa Recovery use a range of tools alongside experienced, compassionate care.

“Calusa adopts a holistic wellness therapy approach that combines diverse techniques, including physical, emotional, and spiritual modalities to enhance overall well-being,” says a spokesperson. “Our ultimate goal is to identify and address the root causes of issues while assisting individuals in attaining equilibrium and optimal health in every sphere of their existence.”

Experience Holistic Treatments

Using evidence-based practices, holistic treatment programs at the center may include one-on-one therapy sessions, group work, family therapies, and experiential approaches, including adventure therapy and equine therapy with specially-trained horses.

Highly-qualified physicians and mental health professionals are on hand to assist with physical detox processes, mental health and dual diagnoses, aftercare and housing advice, and sober living programs. Depending on your unique needs, inpatient, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs are available.

Inclusive, Welcoming Community

The center works with most major insurance carriers and offers programs for special groups, including veterans and adolescents. With an inclusive, tolerant approach, minorities and members of the LGBTQIA+ community are warmly welcomed.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the services. “Calusa Recovery Center is the best,” says Gina E. “They really go above and beyond for their clients and work hard to make sure each person gets the most out of their treatment plans.”

Start your healing journey today with the team at Calusa Recovery!

Find more details and book a consultation call at https://calusarecovery.com

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