Ocean County Ethical Sober Living Facility With Substance Use Disorder Aftercare

Dec 13, 2023

If you’re looking for the support of peers in a safe environment, CFC Recovery (833-300-4673) welcomes you to a month-long program at their sober living facility in Ocean County, giving you the skills and tools to achieve long-term sobriety.

SUD Peer Recovery Program at Ethical Living Facility in Ocean County

For some people, one time at rehab is enough. But for many people, it's difficult to return to normal life without falling back into old habits after being discharged. That's why CFC Recovery was founded: to offer people with substance use disorder an alternative treatment to the inpatient and outpatient facilities. 

The organization's 4-week program at the ethical sober living facility in Ocean County, NJ, gives you the chance to be surrounded and supported by like-minded peers, setting you up for long-term recovery with a social safety net to fall back on.

Here https://healingus.org/iprp/ you can learn more.

Relapse Rate Stats & How CFC Can Reduce the Risk

According to the American Addiction Centers, only 20% of the 20.7 million people with a substance or alcohol addiction received the care they needed in 2017. Further, the organization reported a 40-60% relapse rate, underlining the need for SUD aftercare programs to achieve life-long sobriety. 

CFC Recovery's methods to promote successful sobriety stem from founder Daniel Regan's first-hand experience of inpatient and outpatient treatments as a young heroin addict. Daniel and his mother developed their recovery system, focused on the individual's conditions and long-term goals.

What You Get As a CFC Community Member

CFC Recovery offers several programs, including the month-long IPRP (Intensive Peer Recovery Program). During four weeks, you'll learn necessary life skills and are given the opportunity to create a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) together with a private coach. The program also has meditation, the 12-step plan, and SMART recovery on the curriculum.

If you're in need of further support, you can apply to extend your stay at one of the New Jersey state-licensed ethical sober living facilities in Monmouth and Ocean County. There, you'll benefit from management-led activities and structure to guide you into adjusting to everyday life in sobriety and building healthy habits. The community fosters independence with peer support in a safe environment and helps those in recovery get back into employment by offering career and internship opportunities. 

A Bit of CFC History

CFC Recovery was founded in 2012 and has since supported over 20,000 families in their recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. The organization offers many different treatment options, including a family program and various support groups and meetings. 

To find more information about different treatment options, go to https://healingus.org/

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