NYC: Stop Subjecting Your Online Audience to Boring Presentations

Jun 11, 2024

Don’t subject your audience to Death-By-PowerPoint. Improve your online presentation skills with Johnny Beirne and see how your pitch decks and webinars can catapult you to new levels of professional success. With Johnny Beirne, you can deliver a memorable and captivating digital presentation every time.

Before you deliver your next online pitch desk, webinar, or live stream, or speak at your next digital conference, make sure your presentation will stand out with Johnny Beirne, The Webinar Wizard.

If you want to stand out on screen, go to to find out more. 

Improve Your Communication Skills & Conversions

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, start-up founder, industry expert, or any professional who routinely presents digitally and/or delivers online pitch decks, Johnny Beirne is here to help.

Well-known as the Webinar Wizard, Johnny Beirne knows that creative online presentations, pitch decks, and conferences really matter. With his consulting services, he is confident he can help you improve your communication skills and business outcomes.  

Connect With & Engage Your Audience

If you’re one of the 75% of Americans who have a fear of public speaking, you may have found that your fear becomes amplified in the digital setting, where the sense of personal connection and trust can be harder to cultivate and where audience engagement and responsiveness is harder to gauge.

That’s why, with his unique virtual presentation services, Johnny Beirne will focus on helping you improve your presentation strategies, including conquering your anxieties and fears and quickly building clear and genuine rapport through the screen.

In short, Beirne describes his mission as “helping presenters to do justice to themselves when presenting online.” 

Nail Your Next Pitch Deck Or Presentation

In addition to improving your core communication skills, Johnny Beirne will also work with you to make your online pitch decks or presentations more memorable and engaging for audiences so that you can enjoy better conversions and business outcomes. Whether you are looking to make more sales, generate brand or name awareness, or achieve another goal, his help will be indispensable. 

On top of skills improvement, Beirne will also offer you his presentation software and templates for further audiovisual improvements. 

A spokesperson for the podcaster and speaker said, “Johnny Beirne is known for adding clever and creative wizardry to webinars for a more memorable message. He can offer you simple studio setups that will transform your presentations from basic and boring to brilliant. With his help, you can utilize presentation strategies to keep your audiences captivated and connected for increased conversions.” 

Learn From The Best, Learn From The Webinar Wizard

Johnny Beirne hosts The Webinar Wealth Podcast and is the co-author of RETHiNK Remoting: Take Remote Control of Your Life.


  • Works with course creators and subject matter specialists who rely on webinars to make money.
  • Is known for adding clever and creative wizardry to webinars for a more memorable message.
  • Offers simple studio setups that transform your presentations from basic and boring to brilliant.
  • Creates presentation strategies to keep audiences captivated and connected for increased conversions.
  • Hosts The Webinar Wealth Podcast
  • Is the Co-author of RETHiNK Remoting: Take Remote Control of Your Life.

He shows speakers and webinar presenters how to stand out on screen and do themselves justice when presenting online. This helps make their message memorable and make more money.

If you want to become a captivating presenter and a webinar wizard in your own right, visit 

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