NYC Graffiti Prints On Long-Sleeve T-Shirts In Vibrant Colors Make Unique Gifts

Jun 18, 2024

Love eye-catching, unique t-shirts? Check out this NYC street-art-inspired, creative design line by jazz musician and artist Sarah James, all printed on super soft, 100% cotton t-shirts!

If you're looking for the next one-of-a-kind t-shirt to add to your rotation, why not chose one that mixes the raw beauty of street art with empowering, positive messages?

Sarah James' new line of original t-shirts combines poetry and graffiti into unique, audacious images for you to sport proudly and comfortably.

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Why T-Shirts?

During the pandemic, jazz musician Sarah James, unable to perform live music, turned her attention toward some of her other forms of creative expression - visual art and poetry. She began making shirts, facemasks, mugs, and other items containing creative combinations of her poetry and images she loved from New York City's vibrant street art and graffiti scene.

Blue Moon Girl: Nothing Will Stop Me

Sarah James' new "Blue Moon Girl" t-shirt features a photograph of a poster that she found on the side of a large metal newspaper dispenser. The design is intended to empower those who wear it, especially women.

"It's a good reminder for those who have goals and are committed to keep going and don't give up," said the artist. On the bottom of the shirt's image are the words "Nothing will stop me", in bold, block letters. Throw it on, look in the mirror, and you've got yourself the pep talk you need!

The artist hopes to "incorporate her designs, poems, and photographs into usable items that will serve a good purpose". Her new "Blue Moon Girl" t-shirt is 100% cotton and is available in black, forest green, dark blue, red, navy, pink, and violet. Pick your own adventure and carry a little bit of NYC with you wherever you go!

About Sarah James

Sarah James was born and raised in New York City and has worked there as a musician and artist for decades. She strives to merge the beauty of the natural landscape with the vibrance of the cityscape, including its rich gallery of street graffiti. Her love for NYC has inspired her to create a line of t-shirts that combine her photographs with original poetry to form unique, NYC-inspired designs.

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