Non-Profits Can Reduce Monthly Bills With This Expense Negotiation Service

Feb 10, 2024

Recession Resister is helping more non-profits to do more good with Bill Saver, their innovative financial optimization program. Reduce your operating costs so your money can go further.

If the money your organization works hard to raise is getting razed by costly bills and utilities, Recession Resister can help put you to put it to better use.

Go to to sign up for Bill Saver and fast-track your way to lower overheads and more charitable giving.

The Cash Flow Management Tool You Need

The expense management gurus at Recession Resister have developed this innovative cash flow management tool to help non-profit organizations like yours reduce operating costs so they can allocate more resources towards their core mission of doing good.

They are hopeful that Bill Saver can help you overcome any financial constraints that may be limiting your operations, ensuring you can amplify the positive impact you have on society. 

An Affordable Way To Start Saving

As Recession Resister works on a no-save, no-pay basis, they are confident they are a smart choice for you if you are looking to make tangible and quick savings.

A spokesperson for the expense management firm said, “Bill Saver saves you money without wasting your time. Now you can save the money you’re overpaying and spend it on things that matter.” 

Reduce Your Bills & Utilities

Bill Saver employs cutting-edge expense management techniques, using both technology and the firm’s industry expertise to identify opportunities for cost reduction in your bills and utilities, including:

  • electric,
  • gas,
  • water,
  • phones and internet,
  • waste management,
  • security,
  • pest control,
  • payroll, and more. 

By reducing these core overheads and operating costs, Recession Resister believes you can significantly enhance your non-profit’s financial sustainability and redirect funds towards more critical initiatives, especially to the good work you do for the community. 

The head of a New York-based non-profit said, “This is the most innovative, visionary, incredible technology platform that is customer-focused, community-enhancing and is already changing lives.” 

Personalized Approach To Overhead Reduction

Recession Resister will get to know your specific financial needs and will audit years of prior bills and renegotiate with all your service providers to bring your costs down. Depending on the nature of your organization, they can also assist you with their energy efficiency expertise to further cut your costs. 

The Best Financial Optimization Program For Non-Profits

Recession Resister is a nationwide expense management firm that specializes in providing innovative solutions to help organizations lower their overheads and achieve sustainable growth. With Bill Saver, they are pleased to be doing more to help non-profits and to making a positive impact on communities across the United States.

If your organization wants to start saving, visit

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