Non-Invasive Stress Relief For Anxiety & Burnout Using Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Apr 8, 2024

Need relief from the stresses and anxiety of modern life? Discover a modern solution! Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator is the non-invasive, cost-effective stress relief you need.

Work pressures, kids screaming, noisy neighbours, missed appointments, the morning commute… Feeling stressed? No wonder! I feel stressed just writing that list. If, like me, you suffer from stress and anxiety, daily life can really take its toll: physically tense, mentally exhausted and emotionally frustrated. How do you break the cycle? Meditation? Like my house is ever quiet enough! Prescription drugs? I end up stressing more over the side-effects!

Well then, have you tried vagus nerve stimulation? Discover non-invasive, cost-effective stress relief from Pulsetto at  

What is vagus nerve stimulation?

The vagus nerve is your body’s neuro-highway between your brain and your organs, responsible for blood pressure, heart rate, and focus: all the places we can see stress, anxiety, and burnout having a physical effect on the body. 

Recent scientific studies have shown that electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve can achieve the same state of calm as prolonged meditation or taking anti-anxiety medications. However, those opting for neurostimulation were able to see quicker results and without any of the potential side effects associated with prescription drugs.

In fact, Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulator users reported a whopping 64% reduction in long-lasting stress relief!

What is Pulsetto?

Pulsetto is the reason I can think clearly again, in all honesty! When stress clouds my brain and anxiety has me up all night, a Pulsetto therapy session using their vagus nerve stimulator with custom electrical impulse programs sets me right.

Pulsetto's Vagus Nerve Stimulator device is FCC-certified and backed by the latest scientific research, ensuring you get secure, safe, and non-intrusive relief from the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety

Engineered by the company's co-founders Vitalijus and Povilas, this amazing wellness gadget employs wireless Bluetooth technology (yes, the same tech that streams your music through your car speakers) to administer gentle electrical pulses, effectively stimulating the vagus nerve and promoting a tranquil, stress-reduced state in minutes.

What makes Pulsetto different?

Unlike other neurostimulators available, Pulsetto is worn around the neck – the optimal position for accessing the vagus nerve – keeping hands free and your body able to complete other tasks. The unique wearable design was clearly developed to keep pace with the practicalities, as well as the stresses, of modern living.

That makes Pulsetto perfect for someone like me who is always on the go. I’d tried other wellness devices that claimed to give you that sought-after calm feeling, but I just couldn’t find a good fit. Either they had an accompanying audio element which I just found intrusive (and in one case downright annoying - whale song ain’t for everyone, am I right?) or I had to be flat on my back and still as a statue for them to actually work. Pretty useless when you’re trying to calm your nerves before a work presentation, or you're trying to get through a day with the kids jumping off the furniture. It’d only be a matter of time before I became the human equivalent of a foam crashmat (and with those annoying earphones in, I’d never even hear them coming)!

So popping the vagus nerve stimulation device from Pulsetto around my neck and carrying on with my day, is the perfect solution! What's more, the device is fully rechargeable and comes with the option to upgrade to more advanced vagus nerve stimulation programs through the downloadable app. You get a free trial of their premium service when you order and, I must say, the programs for poor sleep and burnout really recharged my system.

So, if I’ve convinced you to ditch the meditative search for nirvana amongst the chaos of life and you're tired of popping pills that give you more side effects than calming effects, then you need to try Pulsetto’s vagus nerve stimulator at   

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