Non-Fiction & Memoir Publication Tips & Best Practices: Expert Training Course

Oct 10, 2022

Paper Raven Books wants to help you achieve your dream of becoming an author with their upcoming publication training seminar, where you can learn the best and fastest way to get your work on the market.

Non-Fiction & Memoir Publication Tips & Best Practices: Expert Training Course

The stories we tell shape the world around us, and in turn we are shaped by them. Once upon a time, all one needed to do to become a great writer was put pen to paper – Jules Verne had no need to consider market factors or learn algorithmic manipulation in order to tell the incredible tale enshrined in the pages of “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.”

However, we have collectively been at this for a while now, and the market is crowded. Stunning work often falls into obscurity simply because the author did not promote it heavily enough on social media – a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.

If you are considering publishing your work, though, there is good news. Paper Raven Books has created a training program for people just like you who wish to learn to navigate the book writing and publishing process – and the best part is that it is entirely free to attend.

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The program, titled the “Breakthrough Bestseller Plan,” is targeted at US and Canadian aspiring writers who have always intended to publish their stories or insight but have been intimidated by the publishing process. The training covers the industry’s basics and other aspects, including editing, feedback, and marketing.

In the webinar, Paper Raven Books’ expert team will walk you through the ins and outs of the four main paths to book publication currently available to modern authors. Along these same lines, the company offers a quiz that may help you explore the publishing path that most closely fits your work and your end goals.

Paper Raven sets itself apart from other book-writing mentors with its data and market-forward approach to publication. Focusing more on the raw numbers rather than the ethos and pathos of the process, they seek to provide writers like you with a clearer, more efficient path to publication that helps you avoid wasting time and money on methods with narrow chances of success.

They provide practical insights into the market as it is in 2022, exploring the landscape of online and brick-and-mortar markets alike, how they differ, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Specifically, the training leverages a few case studies involving relatively unknown authors achieving borderline miraculous success in the past few years. The course takes a deep dive into their methodologies, assesses what path they took to publication, and discusses some fast and easy ways to emulate your success.

The free webinar will be hosted by Megan MacDonald, whose experience in the publishing industry spans 15 years and whose leadership has allowed Paper Raven Books to flourish as a powerful, knowledgeable voice. Her expertise allows her to thoroughly dismantle and analyze the publishing business as it currently stands, for the benefit of authors new and old alike.

The world needs to hear your story, and so you must tell it by any means necessary. Get the tools you need for success by signing up for this free training today!

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