Nolensville Financial Advisors Offer Tax Minimization Strategies For Retirees

Feb 26, 2024

You might have stopped working but that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped paying taxes. If you need help understanding and optimizing taxes on your retirement income and claiming back medical expenses, talk to Goldstone Financial Group! (630-620-9300)

Have you just retired? Been hit with an unexpected tax bill? You need a financial advisor on board who can make sure you're not overpaying and that you're claiming all your deductions.

No one knows retirement finance like Goldstone Financial Group, now offering its expert tax planning services in the Nolensville area. More details at

The firm helps you plan for all eventualities so there are no expensive surprises when it comes time to withdraw funds from your retirement pot.

The Full 360

Goldstone takes a 360-degree approach to financial planning via its proprietary 'Financial GPS' strategy. The firm's tax planning solutions cover both Federal and State level levies and help you identify savings and reductions. You'll get a detailed initial consultation to discuss your financial situation and ascertain your goals. Goldstone agents are all certified fiduciary advisors and are thus legally bound to advise in your best interests at all times.

Tennessee Tax Breaks

Tennessee offers its senior population a variety of financial incentives. The state does not levy income tax on your earned income including wages and salaries. Property taxes are low and social security is also untaxed at the state level.

Tax Brackets

Goldstone offers you guidance on which type of retirement account will be most suitable for your goals. Traditional IRA and 401(k) contributions are not taxed until funds are withdrawn whereas Roth versions work in reverse. Decisions regarding these can be made by understanding which tax bracket you'll fall into when you retire. For some, this will be higher during retirement, making it wise to pay taxes on contributions early as with a Roth 401(k) and IRA plan.


The tax planning services also incorporate guidance on required minimum distributions (RMDs). Once you reach the age of 73, RMDs must be withdrawn. This is based on your account balance and also your life expectancy. Goldstone helps you plan for RMDs to ensure you're not subject to any unexpected taxes and fees.

Other facets of the service include tax-efficient ways to make charitable donations, offsetting your medical expenses against tax, and preparing and filing IRS returns.

A spokesperson says, “By understanding your tax bill, maximizing tax deductions, and taking advantage of tax-deferred investments, you can minimize your tax bill and maximize your income.”

When it comes to retirement planning, Goldstone Financial Group has got your back!

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