NoHo, NY Vegan Bistro & Cafe With Brunch Menu Serves Classic French Dishes

May 27, 2024

The best new brunch in NoHo is at Delice & Sarrasin (212-243-7200). The city’s most charming vegan bistro and cafe is bringing brunch devotees a unique new menu with a French flair.

While there’s no doubt that NoHo loves a brunch, if you’re looking for something more unique than bagels or eggs benedict, you’re going to love Delice & Sarrasin’s new vegan and French take on brunch.

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NoHo Gets Its First Parisian Plant-Based Brunch

Delice & Sarrasin is pleased to now be serving you a completely plant-based and French-inspired brunch menu from Monday through to Sunday.

The vegan bistro and cafe’s new menu has been designed by their head chef Yvette Caron to bring you both the tastes and sensibility of a classic Parisian brunch.

With new dishes like their Pain Perdu, which is the original French toast, and sweet French-style crepes, Delice & Sarrasin is now inviting you to enjoy a leisurely mid-morning or late-morning meal. Like the French do, the cafe welcomes you to take out time for yourself and simply sit and enjoy the ambience of their cozy yet vibrant bistro on West Houston Street.

Enjoy Instant Vegan Brunch Classics

The new plant-based brunch menu at Delice & Sarrasin focuses on light yet moreish dishes like their La Lolotte vegan crepe, which is topped with flavorful roasted bananas, melted dark chocolate and coconut whipped cream.

Other popular new tastes you’re sure to love include their savory galettes which are made from buckwheat, or sarrasin, as it is called in French. New instant vegan brunch classics include their La Paysanne, which has plant-based ‘bacon’ bits, roasted tomatoes, onions, potatoes and coconut emmental cheese, and their Mr Petrossian, which has Konjac smoked vegan ‘salmon’, dairy-free creme fraiche, avocado puree and dill, making it a unique French-vegan version of the classic NYC lox bagel you’ll want to Instagram about.

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Sip On NYC’s Best French-Style Cafe Au Lait

To accompany their new earlier opening hours, Delice & Sarrasin has also expanded their coffee menu. Popular new coffees include their classic French Cafe au Lait—you can choose from almond, cashew, oat or soy milk—and their Cafe Noisette, a popular style of French coffee with just a splash of plant-based milk.

Book Your Brunch At Delice & Sarrasin

A spokesperson for the bistro and cafe said, “Our family-run Manhattan restaurant is committed to creating a truly immersive plant-based dining experience where dedicated vegans, curious foodies, or simply someone seeking a taste of France in a compassionate way, can indulge in the rich heritage of French gastronomy.”

In addition to their new plant-based Parisian brunches, Delice & Sarrasin continues to serve their delicious full lunch and dinner menu. If you want to visit at a popular dining time, it’s best to book.

Brunch at Delice & Sarrasin is calling your name.

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