No Elevator? No Problem! Check Out Scranton’s Best Apartment Movers List

Dec 6, 2023

The moving professionals at offer you their list of top Scranton movers assisting with out-of-state moves out of apartments with no elevator. You can select companies from the list or get an obligation-free quote from the site.

That quaint little walk-up apartment looked like an amazing place to live, and the price was right. For years, it saved you time at the gym, building those quads with every bag of groceries carried up the stairs.

But now you're leaving Scranton - and Pennsylvania altogether - and you're wondering just how you're going to get your washer down those stairs.

Or maybe you could just hire a moving service.

Relocating out of state is complicated, and it’s even more challenging when you live in an apartment that has no elevator. Luckily, the experts at have compiled a list of the top moving companies to consider hiring when leaving walk-up apartments in Scranton.

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Classic walk-up apartments have been a staple in urban areas for centuries, and are sometimes priced more affordably, due to their lack of elevators. Most are less than seven stories high and have a historic feel, but that vintage charm may wear thin when it’s time to angle your big-screen television down a stairwell designed for 1800s possessions.

Professional movers working in and around Scranton, however, have experience moving belongings up and downstairs in Pennsylvania apartment buildings. They’re less likely to damage items, and if they do, it’s their responsibility to make it right, according to recommends that you hire professional movers to transport specific items, with or without an elevator, and televisions are among the top 10. While not terribly heavy, your television has delicate inner electronics that are easy to damage. Many companies will include custom-made TV boxes and specialized packaging for televisions.

Fish tanks, pianos, exercise equipment, and washing machines also rank high on the list from Furniture is more of an individual decision, especially if items can be disassembled and wrapped in blankets for safety. Still, most novices - even those who are in shape - will likely struggle to move anything that’s not hand-held from apartments higher than the third floor.

If you find yourself in this boat, you can contact one of the top-rated moving professionals that recommends, or use its “Get Quotes” feature to obtain obligation-free quotes for moving services.

Founded by relocation professionals with decades in the business, maintains a network of more than 500 screened moving companies. Representatives for the site vet each company monthly to ensure customer satisfaction remains high.

In addition to quotes, publishes guides to help households plan successful “do-it-yourself” moves. The site strives to serve as a one-stop shop for all things related to moving.

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