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Aug 25, 2016

ABQ Free Press keeps the people of New Mexico informed about what is happening in the state. With the new website design and layout, this will make enjoying the online version of the magazine all that much more. Finding information has been streamlined for ease of use.

April 13, 2016 –The ABQ Free Press is Albuquerque New Mexico’s local news paper and recently held an event where the new website redesign was unveiled. During the event, Dan Vukelich, the company spokesperson and chief editor, explained the reasons for the redesign and how it benefits the readers and site visitors.

“ABQ Free Press has always been known for bringing readers the latest news without any spin, and that will never change. Our newly redesigned website reflects that commitment as it’s now easier for the readers to find the news they’re interested in.”

Vukelich’s remarks can be confirmed by a visit to the official website. Navigation is quick and intuitive as readers can read the latest headlines, and clicking the arrows allow them to scan through the information and click the news article they want to read.

“Navigating the website has never been easier,” Vukelich says. “The clean layout gives a snapshot of the day’s headlines, and are updated on a regular basis so if something new comes up, the readers will be aware of it. You’ll also see there are menu options for news, opinion, columns, the arts, events, back issues and more.”

Clicking each menu brings up additional options and links, and this makes it easy for the reader to find what they’re looking for. Not only is the layout suitable for desktop computers, but it is mobile friendly as well.

“The ABQ Free Press is all about keeping the readers informed, and the redesigned website is testament to that goal,” says Vukelich. “If there’s something newsworthy, you’ll find it here.”

ABQ Free Press is the fastest growing local newspaper in the state of New Mexico and with that comes great responsibility. Producing only the best content on topics the readers want to read and hear about is the number 1 priority. Visit the website at http://www.freeabq.com

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