NJ Peer Recovery Program For Substance Abuse Sufferers Has Life-Changing Outcome

Nov 16, 2023

CFC Recovery (1-833-300-4673) in New Jersey has a life-changing new 4-week Intensive Peer Recovery Program (IPRP) designed to deliver lasting recovery and long-term sobriety to people battling an alcohol or drug addiction.

Anyone who has suffered from addiction knows that the journey to recovery is often filled with stumbles and that sometimes we can take one step forward, only to take two steps backwards.

If you have been struggling to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety and have relapsed into your addiction, CFC Recovery is here to help.

Their new IPRP program uses peer support groups, peer case management, life skills development, and community integration to help you transition from clinical care to sustained recovery. You will also gain greatly from their certified peer recovery specialists, who will facilitate individual and group sessions to educate you about recovery and impart the life skills you need for sober social assimilation. 

Go to https://healingus.org to find out more. 

The team at CFC Recovery knows alcoholism and substance abuse require an extended commitment to sobriety and lifestyle changes. Too often, individuals leave treatment only to relapse in isolation without a recovery community or the skills to navigate high-risk situations. 

If you have been struggling down that same road, research shows that peer-based programs like IPRP can dramatically improve your long-term recovery outcomes. A comprehensive analysis conducted in 2020 by a Stanford School of Medicine researcher revealed that Alcoholics Anonymous and similar programs were highly effective in helping individuals achieve lasting sobriety. 

CFC is confident that the ongoing peer interaction and accountability they foster will help you solidify new sober behaviors and thinking patterns that will aid your long-term recovery. 

Their 4-week IPRP curriculum includes individual and group skill sessions facilitated by New Jersey Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) and you will join CFC Recovery’s network of support groups and social activities as part of your ongoing recovery program. 

At CFC, you will work with peers and specialists to create a customized Wellness Recovery Action Plan and build life skills like financial literacy, time management, and healthy communication. 

CFC Recovery has already helped over 20,000 New Jersey families impacted by addiction since its founding in 2012. These peer-based programs have an 85% long-term recovery success rate. CFC was awarded SAMHSA’s Building Recovery Community Organization grant in 2020 for its proven impact. 

About CFC Recovery: 

CFC Recovery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports individuals and their families through addiction recovery with peer and community support. They take the Multiple Pathways Approach that addresses the addiction, its underlying causes, and contributing factors to foster holistic recovery. 

When you come out of rehab, where do you go? How do you rebuild your life, heal your relationships, and start new?” asks a spokesperson for CFC Recovery. “Using a multiple pathways approach and strong accountability system, our programs are designed to rebuild lives from the ground up and inspire you to achieve long-term recovery.” 

At CFC Recovery, you will not be defined by your relapses, but by the efforts you have made to get better. 

If you’re ready to take another positive step towards sobriety, visit https://healingus.org/iprp and start getting help today.

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