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Feb 7, 2024

The first step to addiction recovery is reaching out for help – Avisa Recovery offers dual-diagnosis and treatment services for substance abuse and mental health disorders in Ocean County, NJ. Call +1-732-724-0528 now.

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Is your loved one struggling with the demons of addiction? Are you worried about their mental health? Help is available in New Jersey, courtesy of Avisa Recovery.

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They’re here to support those in need by ascertaining their condition and designing a structured rehabilitation plan. Avisa Recovery offers treatments built to reduce and reverse the addictive effects of cocaine, heroin, alcohol, prescription painkillers, and others. Its facility serves as a center that promotes long-term recovery in pursuit of improved wellness.

Together with dual-diagnosis capacities, Avisa Recovery also looks into the relationship between substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions. The Ocean County facility provides a full-service regimen that addresses issues at their core, with its staff working to encourage lasting changes.

A central part of Avisa Recovery’s treatments is its focus on uncovering the root cause of such illnesses as addiction and others. Substance abuse disorder is a disease - and it’s crucial to understand the mix of genetic and environmental factors behind your loved one’s problems.

As explained by an Avisa Recovery representative: “Addiction to drugs can take over your life, and only recently has science begun to understand it better. In the past, people thought drug and alcohol problems were mainly due to making bad choices and lacking self-control. While these factors can play a role, addiction is much more complicated.”

As such, the New Jersey center provides a combination of holistic and behavioral therapies alongside its immediate detox and rehab options. Once your loved one has been successfully weaned off of harmful substances, the bulk of therapeutic work targets a focus on continued sobriety.

Interactive sessions such as family and group therapy are vital to the process, advises Avisa Recovery. These are supervised with the aim of prompting patients and those close to them to share their struggles and stories in a collaborative setting, with motivational teachings instilled in pursuit of a transformed outlook.

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Avisa Recovery’s treatments are primarily tailored in line with the needs of its patients, drawing on technological advancements and cultural trends. If you know someone who requires in-person care, they may benefit from an intensive outpatient program - while virtual sessions are also offered to coach recoverers from afar.

“Avisa provides intensive therapy in a safe and supportive environment that is designed to promote healing and recovery,” notes the center. It adds that such therapies are applicable in the context of drug addiction rehabilitation or mental health and wellbeing improvements.

The best thing you can do for your loved one is to show them that help is available.

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If you’re in Ocean County or elsewhere in New Jersey, visit https://avisarecovery.com/mental-health-treatment/ to learn more.

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