NFT Marketing and Brand Building in 2024—Insight from a Breakout Indie Artist

May 30, 2024

Not a few artists are pinning their hopes on non-fungible tokens (NFT) succeeding. One rising independent artist shares insight on how to stand out and break out.

After a protracted crypto winter, artists like Caterina Christakos are picking up their pens again in the hopes of capturing a portion of the recovering NFT market.

“People thought it was over,” Caterina said. “But you can’t kill creativity and expression. Now, with AI tools being more accessible than ever, we’ll start to see truly unique work, stuff that can only be created with the help of machines.”

She created one such artwork herself, calling it “Adorable Female Astronaut with Big Blue Eyes.” The NFT is the latest in her growing collection of steampunk-themed assets on OpenSea, still the largest NFT marketplace.

Despite the legions of naysayers, NFTs are expected to stick around. Market insiders even predict double-digit growth rates this decade due to unceasing adoption and uses in other assets besides art, such as real estate.

But with greater accessibility comes the risk of oversaturation, and for independent artists like Caterina, notoriety amid an ocean of fellow hopefuls does not come easy. “Building a following takes hard work, and even the most effective paths require a lot of hard work and patience,” she said.

Creating a Personal Brand

Once your NFT hits the marketplaces, it becomes a product, and for a product to sell, it needs to stand out. “That’s where branding strategies come in,” Caterina said.

For those with limited budgets, one branding strategy that Caterina said never fails to elicit a reaction is storytelling. This is why she made sure that the listing for “Adorable Female Astronaut with Big Blue Eyes” describes what the art portrays, what the artist was thinking, and who it is for.

“In branding, authenticity is paramount,” she added. “You need that to foster genuine connections.”

Building a Community

All successful NFT projects succeed not on their own but because of a supportive community that acts as brand ambassadors, promoting NFTs within their circles.

“Community building is not something you accomplish overnight or even in a month,” Caterina said. “It’s a painfully slow process, but absolutely worth it in the end.”

To build a community, Caterina said that the foundation should include an attractive website and marketplace listings, as well as engaging content on popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok that talks about what’s exciting and new about a project.

“Of course, initially, it’s you who will do most of the talking,” Caterina said. “But your goal is to make your community create hype around your work for you.”

Considering Collabs

Collaborating with influencers, particularly more popular NFT artists, should also be part of any independent artist's marketing arsenal. “We can’t deny the power of influencers, especially in this day and age,” Caterina said.

To secure collaborations, some research needs to be done to find a potential match and evaluate if a collab with a fellow creator is indeed worth it based on their follower count. This involves identifying creators with the same attitude, art style, or project goals as yours. “You have to join Discord groups and initiate conversations,” Caterina added.

If the thought of reaching out to strangers sounds dreadful, PR agencies specializing in influencer outreach do exist, but understandably come with a cost. “If you’re really good, you might not need one,” Caterina said. “They might come to you instead.”

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