News Site Exposure For US Cannabis Companies: Multimedia Content Solution

Mar 11, 2024

The US cannabis industry is set for massive growth in the coming years, and Leaf World Media can position your business as a leader in your local market.

Feature On Top News Outlets

Imagine the buzz around your cannabis business if it was featured on famous news sites, like Business Insider and Associated Press. That’s exactly what the done-for-you content campaigns from Leaf World Media can do, and much more.

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These unique campaigns include news articles, videos, podcasts, and more, and they’re developed by a team of professionals. The real magic, however, happens through their distribution network, which now includes more than 400 high-authority media outlets.

Most people will be using online searches to find your cannabis business, so online visibility and reputation management are critical. The new content marketing service is designed to achieve both outcomes with an affordable and highly effective DFY solution.

A Strong & Growing Industry

The therapeutic benefits of cannabis-derived products, primarily cannabidiol (CBD), have led to the relaxation of laws related to cannabis and its use. As a result, the US cannabis industry is seeing strong and continued growth, with a recent Research and Markets report projecting a CAGR of 35.7% over the next three years.

As Leaf World Media explains, strong growth is also making the sector increasingly competitive, and the new multimedia content campaigns are designed to help you stand out in your local market. Publication on hundreds of high-authority websites not only increases the reputation of your business among audiences, but can also greatly improve your company’s profile in the eyes of Google.

“We develop hyper-targeted content and publish on some of the world’s most well-known media outlets,” a company representative explained. “Our team consists of professional writers, developers, and advertising specialists, so we not only build your online profile, we tell your story in a way that generates interest and encourages people to find out more.”

About Leaf World Media

Recognizing the increasing competition in the US cannabis industry. Leaf World Media introduced its unique content marketing solution as a way to help suppliers stand out in their local market. The firm continues to foster new media relationships, with further updates expected in the near future.

“Thanks to these content campaigns, our business is flourishing in multiple locations,” one client recently stated. “The greater Google visibility has driven an influx of new leads, and I also have a lot more time to focus on being CEO, instead of worrying about digital marketing stuff.”

Reach an audience of millions with the powerful multimedia content campaigns from Leaf World Media.

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