News Media Exposure For US Solar Energy Providers: DFY Professional Content

Mar 4, 2024

The US solar market is thriving, but strong growth also creates fierce competition. The unique media content service from Mayfair Place Marketing positions your business as a leader in your local area.

Feature On Top News Outlets

Famous news sites, like Business Insider and Associated Press, are not only respected by audiences, they also attract Google’s attention. That’s why Mayfair Place Marketing’s unique content campaigns are published on hundreds of top media platforms, include the two mentioned.

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The new solar provider content campaigns offer professionally developed materials in a range of formats, such as articles, videos, and podcasts. A partner network of more than 400 high-authority media platforms allows the firm to reach a wide and diverse audience with each campaign release.

Your campaign will go well beyond news articles, also encompassing videos, blogs, podcasts, slideshows, and infographics. The materials are developed by a team of professional writers and focus on your own location and selling points for maximum visibility.

The majority of consumers now use the internet to find local businesses, including solar or battery storage companies. With this done-for-you content service, Mayfair Place Marketing increases the online footprint and reputation of your US solar or battery storage brand.

Solar: A Strong But Competitive Market

A recent report from Grand View Research valued the US residential solar market at US$7.45 billion, and projects a CAGR of 14.4% through 2030. The rapid expansion of the sector is being driven by greater environmental concerns/awareness among US households, as well as a variety of government incentives that are helping to make solar and battery installations more affordable.

As Mayfair Place Marketing explains, strong growth in the US solar industry is also attracting many new players, which is making the market much more competitive. The firm’s multimedia content campaigns are therefore designed to help your business stand out in your local market, as well as building the reputation of your brand by featuring it on trusted media sites.

“We combine quality strategic content with publication on hundreds of high value digital placements and websites,” a company representative explained. “Your business will be on over 400 Google recognized media sites across the internet, positioning you as a market leader in your local region.”

About Mayfair Place Marketing

Working across a range of global markets, Mayfair Place Marketing developed its unique multimedia content service as a way for small companies to compete in the digital age. The firm states that its solution is both affordable and delivers measurable results.

“Thanks to these content campaigns, our business is flourishing in not one, but multiple locations,” one client recently stated. “We’ve seen a huge increase in organic leads as a result of the greater visibility on Google, and I also have a lot more time to focus on being CEO, instead of worrying about digital marketing.”

For high-visibility media content that delivers measurable results, contact the specialists at Mayfair Place Marketing.

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