News Content Publishing For Bromley Small Businesses: Increase Google Visibility

Jul 2, 2024

If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business operating in Bromley, Beckenham, or any other area within South East London, Noble Network offers a highly effective media content marketing service that is specifically designed to significantly enhance your online presence and visibility.

Leveraging High-Authority Platforms

The ‘authority’ of your website refers to how much Google trusts it, and authority plays an important role in search rankings. Noble Network develops high-quality original content and publishes it on websites that have excellent authority ratings in Bromley, Beckenham, or any other area within South East London.

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These done-for-you media campaigns include news articles, short blogs, videos, slideshows, infographics, and audio pieces. They’re developed by a team of professional content creators, not AI, ensuring a real connection is made with your audience.

Noble Network distributes across a network of more than 300 high-authority platforms, such as Business Insider, AP, and Google News. This improves your visibility for relevant keyword searches, and also tells your story on platforms that build trust and create interest.

“We publish content on over 300 well-known websites that, combined, receive in excess of 100 million visitors every month,” a company representative explained. “This gives local businesses a huge boost in online exposure, and also builds their reputation as trusted service providers.”

Building Authority With Google

A recent leak of Google API documents revealed that the platform does consider website authority when determining search rankings, something the platform had previously distanced itself from. The ‘site authority’ function appeared as part of a broader website quality assessment, with backlinks also contributing.

As Noble Network explains, most websites for small businesses have a comparatively small authority, which can make it difficult for you to rank. By publishing content, including associated backlinks, on high-authority platforms, the agency aims to overcome this challenge.

About Noble Network

Based in the South East London area, Noble Network aims to bring cutting-edge content marketing techniques to the local business community. The agency continues to foster new publishing capabilities, with further partnerships expected in the near future.

“Noble Network’s content marketing service was just what my business needed,” one client recently stated. “In a short space of time, I was ranking in the top three maps listings for several locations, and it didn’t cost a fortune.”

Discover the power of high-authority marketing. Speak to the South East London specialists at Noble Network.

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