Newmarket, QLD Small Group Exercise Classes Improve Resilience & Agility

Sep 20, 2023

PrimalThenics (1-677225-124-44227-84) has a range of group fitness sessions that help you build a fitter and strong body while forming a community of fitness-loving friends.

Have you noticed that your body doesn't function quite like it used to? Maybe you've started hearing a crack in your knees every time you stand up or noticed that you suddenly get out of breath walking up the stairs. It's time to get up, get out, and get moving with others!

Group training classes can be a less intimidating option for those new to fitness or re-committing to an exercise plan after an extended break. To encourage more people to work out, Brisbane gym PrimalThenics is offering fitness classes available at its studio. Each class is based on tried and tested techniques that help you to improve your physical and mental health and build your ideal physique while exercising with others.

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Research shows that group exercise has many benefits: it can be a venue for social interaction and an opportunity to make new friends. Group fitness classes may also increase motivation and provide extra support and accountability. The classes at PrimalThenics are built with these benefits in mind, encouraging you to improve your athletic performance in a small-group setting.

PrimalThenics offers five different sessions to choose from: Pliability, Hunter, Combat, Warrior, and finally, Cold, which takes place in the on-site pool, with every session intended to help you build a body that is equipped for the demands of everyday life. Combining strength training and cardiovascular exercises, the classes aid fat burn, muscle growth, and agility too.

During a typical Pliability class, for instance, members will partake in movement drills, stretching sessions, and activation drills that over time result in a fitter, stronger, and more flexible body. Interested? You can choose between three membership options: casual, platinum, or 10-pass member. Once enrolled, you can book classes via the PrimalThenics app.

Summarising PrimalThenics fitness ethos, a studio spokesperson says, “Consider PrimalThenics Studio your personal fitness retreat, where your health is not just important - it’s paramount. Our approach is radically different. We offer a tried and tested methodology that instils confidence and restores your physical prowess. At our studio, the stress of work gives way to the joy of genuine, no-nonsense fitness.”

About The Studio

PrimalThenics is a fitness club that combines primal and modern exercise techniques to help its members become fit, strong, and mobile. Their aim is to provide quick and effective training classes that promote health and vitality, both now and in later life.

Don't let creaking joints or tired limbs hold you back any longer! Find your prowess with PrimalThenics.

Ready to build a strong, resilient body? Head to to get started.

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