Newmarket, Brisbane Primal Fitness Studio Provides Group Exercise Classes!

May 31, 2024

Ready to experience primal fitness? PrimalThenics, based in Newmarket, offers memberships and group fitness classes with a focus on primal strength training and flexibility.

If you're tired of typical gym workouts and ready to try something different, check out the group classes at PrimalThenics studio in Newmarket!

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The selection of studio sessions includes Primal Pliability, Primal Hunter, PrimalThenics Team Sessions, Primal Combat, Primal Warrior, and Primal Cold.

With studio memberships now available for Spring 2024, the range of fitness classes at PrimalThenics is designed to help you reach your fitness goals while also enjoying a sense of camaraderie and increased motivation in a group setting.

Get Motivated

Research from Iowa State University in the United States shows that group classes can have a highly beneficial effect on helping people meet their fitness targets, as collective participation creates a sense of support as well as socialisation. The team classes at PrimalThenics are designed to give you an encouraging environment of like-minded individuals.

“Nothing beats the feeling of sweating it out with a team that’s as driven as you,” explains a spokesperson. “Remember, your tribe is your vibe!”

Experience Primal Techniques

Led by Chris Miller, all classes at PrimalThenics are constructed around principles of primal transformation. Rather than using traditional gym workouts, the studio classes apply techniques that utilise ancient primal skills and methods alongside modern technologies.

You'll experience the benefits of exxentric flywheels, dumbbells, heavy workloads, kickboxing, and cold-water therapy, among other tools. Primal workouts are designed to improve muscle definition and lean muscle mass while improving your coordination, balance, and core control.

Push Your Boundaries

Primal classes also push aerobic boundaries and increase VO2 max while also helping you build stamina and increase muscle. Classes focus on increasing speed, agility, and coordination, and the PrimalThenics team is also available for one-on-one health and wellness coaching.

Past clients and class participants have positive reviews for the PrimalThenics studio. “I had the pleasure of completing a number of group training sessions in Darwin with Chris,” says James G. “Each class was an amazing physical workout, always relevant and different. Chris’ ability to identify body movement stressors and adapt exercises is the best I’ve ever encountered.”

Start seeing the primal difference in your life with group classes at PrimalThenics!

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