Newly-launched eBook gives the lowdown on using Pokemon Go as a business marketing strategy.

Aug 10, 2016

EBook launched. Small and medium business owners will now have the knowledge resources to initiate an effective marketing campaign using Pokemon Go as the medium.

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and an eBook has been launched to help business owners drive the ensuing human traffic to their shop fronts.

Entitled “Pokemon Go Marketing Secrets”, this eBook is the one resource that all small and medium business owners will need to benefit from the increased human traffic resulting from this phenomenal game.

According to Lee Lin Cher – lead contributor to the information website The Cher – the popularity of Pokemon Go holds great promise to both aspiring entrepreneurs and current business owners.

“For quite a long time, small and medium businesses have had to grapple with a limited marketing budget as well as ineffective advertising mediums. Today, Pokemon Go is going to change all that,” Lee explained.

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To Lee, the very nature of the game is a great booster to businesses, especially brick and mortar ones.

“Since the digital age came knocking on our doors, the fear has been that eCommerce was going to mark the end of traditional businesses, since everything that we will ever need can be acquired through the click of a mouse or the tap on a screen.”

“Pokemon Go, however, has got the whole world to leave their homes in a quest to catch these virtual monsters. This, to me, is a wish come true for all businesses,” Lee added.

To tap on this wave of human traffic criss-crossing the country, businesses need to adopt a marketing strategy that leverages on the very nature of the game – the obsession over catching all the Pokemons scattered across the nation.

“And that’s why I have made this eBook available on my website,” explained the ex-teacher.

The eBook will give a lowdown on the key elements of the game, what business owners need to pay attention to and how they can devise concrete actionable steps in order to unlock the full marketing potential of the game.

Readers keen on this Pokemon Go marketing strategy eBook can find out more at

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