New York Medical & Dental Product Manufacturer Offers Surgical Masks & PPE

Mar 23, 2023

Get premium medical and dental supplies, from local, trusted manufacturers, shipped the same day you order. SurgiMac does it all, and they also offer great wholesale and group rates for medical professionals, dental practices, clinics, and hospices.

New York Medical & Dental Product Manufacturer Offers Surgical Masks & PPE

March is National Kidney Month, and did you know that 1 in 7 Americans suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), but 90% of them don't even know it?

It's true - and the problem has only gotten worse during the pandemic, since people were even less likely to visit the doctors, especially for a routine checkup.

While SurgiMac can't help you to get more patients in the door, they can help to make sure you're prepared for when they show up, whether you need a few minor items, a full clinic restock, or a rush shipment of restricted products.

They're an authorized dealer for all the big names you already trust, like PDI, McKeeson, Metrex, and Septodont, and they also manufacture their own products locally, to the highest quality standards.

Register with SurgiMac today to access their reduced rates, or products restricted to healthcare professionals, just visit

With locations in New York and Utah, SurgiMac is able to offer its full range of products and fast shipping service from coast to coast, providing a reliable supply line for locally manufactured products. You can order medical and dental supplies directly from the company’s website, or contact a SurgiMac representative to discuss large purchases, restricted items, and special orders.

For National Kidney Month, SurgiMac is encouraging everyone to schedule an appointment with their physician to get tested for CKD, particularly anyone who already suffers from high blood pressure. While the company does not currently sell blood pressure monitors, they do provide several items commonly used for checkup visits, including gloves, gowns, disinfectants, and masks.

The company’s locally manufactured surgical masks are supplied by its Long Island facility and tested independently by Nelson Labs to ensure they meet strict quality standards. Every mask is 3-ply, with a 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), and made with biodegradable, eco-friendly materials.

SurgiMac is an authorized dealer for all of the most trusted medical supply brands and offers some of the best rates for products from PDI, Dynarex, and Pierrel Pharma. The company works primarily with hospitals, clinics, dentists, hospices, and healthcare professionals, but also provides certain medical supplies for home, office, and school use.

To access restricted medical supplies, wholesale lists, or group rates, you can apply through SurgiMac’s Group Enrollment Form, or create a professional account on the company’s website. If a product you need is not in stock, or not available on the SurgiMac website, just give them a call, or leave them a message, and they can most likely order it for you.

If you need supplies fast, just make sure that you place your order before noon EST, and it will usually be shipped the same day, at no extra cost.

When you need top-quality supplies you can trust, and you need them now - SurgiMac is the obvious choice.

In fact, they're the obvious choice for all your medical and dental supply needs. If you don't believe me, just take a look at their website.

Just compare SurgiMac's rates, warranties, guarantees, and shipping policies to your current supplier, and you'll see for yourself.

Whether you need the highest-quality supplies, the fastest shipping, or the best rates - you can find it at SurgiMac. Visit

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