New Wellness Community Empowers You To Improve Your Health One Step At A Time

Oct 27, 2021

I am looking for founding members for the New Wellness Community at Nina Lane Wellness and Nutrition (306-518-7525). The next-level wellness society is designed to help you improve your health one step at a time.

Your body is constantly talking to you – Do you sometimes feel a general unbalance and you don’t know why? That may be your body telling you that something?

The new Next Level Wellness community at Nina Lane Wellness and Nutrition addresses the gap in the market for a compassionate and sustainable goal-driven health society. Members of the exclusive group will immediately have access to support, resources, and tools to jumpstart their health journey, including focused nutritional coaching.

Check out now.

Moderated by me, Nina Lane, NTP, MSc, the next-level wellness community connects like-minded individuals on their journey towards a healthier body and mind with a sustainable approach to managing your daily habits & transforming your health. To learn more about how your daily habits can transform your health go to

Do you know that many people remain unaware of the connection between physical nutrition and psychological well-being? By strengthening the former, you protect the latter, consequently experiencing overall health!

One of the steps towards a healthier mind and body is having a healthy gut. This can impact your overall functional wellness, energy and everyday health. In fact, a US National Library of Medicine article explained that taking care of your gut health can offer therapeutic benefits to one’s mental health. Emerging medical data supports this and identifies healthy gut function has been linked to a normal central nervous system, which experts call the gut-brain axis.

This is a more affordable and sustainable alternative to support your health as opposed to expensive pharmaceutical drugs. With my nutrition counseling, I guide you on how to remove your dependence on medication and empower you to take control of your life.

I created the Next Level Wellness Community to demystify certain perceptions on nutrition and wellness. Through the next-level wellness community, you can explore foundational health concepts and learn from various experts on living a better life by embracing healthier habits. Further details can be found at

Interested?! You can join the community for less than $1 a day, with a monthly subscription for $29/month. However, members can save more when they sign up for a yearly subscription of only $299/year. Becoming a member will also grant you access and a 10% discount on all professional quality supplements, for as long as you are registered.

Still on the fence? Book a discovery call with me to see if this community is the right fit for you.

Tired of being tired? Say ‘no’ to quick fixes. Say ‘no’ to the ‘magic’ pill. Say ‘no’ to restrictive plans that make you feel like a failure. You don’t need to change every aspect of your life at once; you just need to get started.

Let me show you how to take back your power. Allow me to help you today.

Go to so you can learn more.

You can also find me at

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