New VP Sales role, executed by The FerVID Group

Jun 17, 2021

If you are a leader in the Software space, you might want to read this post!

Industrial Automation companies are growing a a very fast pace. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software provides owners and operators deep insights into their business, operations and increase their efficiency.

IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), Asset Management, Predictive Analytics, all are hot subjects right now.

One of our clients is having similar growth in this sector. The role of Regional Vice President for Sales is critical for their growth. There are several challenges when a company grows at a fast pace including handling scale. With scale comes challenges related to organization structure, hiring new people in new territories, creating a culture of high growth, following cadences and having discipline around the sales processes.

After evaluating 3 companies within the Industrial Automation space, The FerVID group, an executive recruiting company, specializing in AI/ML, Industrial Automation and Energy space, was selected to fill this critical role for this company.

Some critical requirements for this role are –

Leaders should have good experience scaling and growing their company

Leaders who have growth numbers less than 200 million will not be a fit for this role.

This also means that, it is not a maintain the growth kind of environment, but it is fast/high growth environment.

Who will be a good fit

Leaders with new thoughts and ideas and best practices. Someone who has scaled to 300 Million and above.

He or She should be able to maintain contact with C Suite to cultivate even stronger relationships.

VP should be strategic – he or she must build the team and not just talk about pipelines.

A strong sense of culture and strategy will motivate and empower people to follow the vision and deliver.

This is an exciting position in a fast growing company. Location is open as one can perform this role remotely but will involve heavy travel.

More details on this role as below

The FerVID Group has been working on filling several roles such as General Managers for different verticals, Vice President of Services, Several subject matter experts in the Pharma vertical as well.

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