New Unique Alaskan Sculpture Piece Acquired

Oct 24, 2017

Native Art Traders announced the availability of their new Inuit sculpture piece “George Arlook “5 Faces” sculpture piece” beginning 10/25/2017. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Inuit sculpture piece will soon be able to purchase George Arlook "5 Faces" sculpture piece by Native Art Traders. Today Eliot Waldman, Gallery Owner at Native Art Traders releases details of George Arlook "5 Faces" sculpture piece's development.

George Arlook "5 Faces" sculpture piece will appeal specifically to art collectors who desire artifacts created by people of native origin. This piece:

Is a stone sculpture – Stone is one of the more popular mediums for Inuit artists because it is cheap and plentiful. This is great news for the consumer as stone is a medium that will last for decades and even centuries.

Is a one of a kind piece – Native Art Traders love to give extra value to customers and this piece was personally selected by Mr. Waldman. The collector who purchases this George Arlook "5 Faces" sculpture piece will enjoy having it in their home and be confident that no other identical piece exists in the world.

Is an affordable price – Native Art Traders made sure to price this authentic stone sculpture at a price that the average are collector can afford. Customers will likely appreciate this because it allows the average collector to own a historical artifact of one of the nation's most ancient cultures - the Inuit.

Eliot Waldman, when asked about George Arlook "5 Faces" sculpture piece said:

"We love the Inuit people and have visited them when we had the chance. We are also extremely interested in their customs and artwork want others to have the chance to appreciate their artwork and culture as well."

Native Art Traders has been in existence for over 20 years. Eliot Waldman is particularly excited about this release and is very happy to bring this beautiful sculpture piece to the notice of the general population.

Those interested in learning more about Native Art Trader's many other Inuit art paintings and sculptures can visit their website

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the sculpture listing, here:

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