New Underground Rap Single By Emerging San Diego Talent, De’Vaun Wess

Feb 1, 2024

De’Vaun Wess’ new single, 24 Freestyle, draws from Kobe Bryant’s iconic journey and the symbolism of angel numbers.

Life is not always kind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be kind to yourself. Things happen, life goes on – and so will you. If you’re currently struggling right now, then there is a song by an up-and-coming San Diego artist that can ease those fears with its introspective and confident lyrics.

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Let’s be real: There will always be bad things in life. Sometimes it may seem like a hurricane of pain and misery and you’re being tested for things you’re not prepared for.

The truth?

The truth is that you can handle anything. Be in the present, give yourself grace, and practice kindness to yourself. Shit happens, but you’re a lot stronger than that.

Adding to the San Diego music scene

San Diego rapper, De’Vaun Wess, releases a new single, “24 Freestyle”. Inspired by the Black Mamba himself, the new song speaks about the importance of transformation, personal growth, and resilience.

The song embodies the Indie music culture in California. In particular, it speaks about the nitty-gritty reality of life and the need to practice kindness while still being true to your artistic talents.

Inspired by Kobe Bryant

The new song is heavily inspired by De’Vaun’s life. He explains that his music career was moving along quite steadily last year, but was violently halted when his baby brother died. He suddenly felt uninspired and prayed for creativity each day.

By chance, he stumbled upon an interview with Kobe Bryant and why he decided to wear the number “24” instead of his classic “8”. While the entire interview inspired De’Vaun, there was one line that stuck out the most to him, and that was when Bryant said, “a mountain we had to overcome”.

De’Vaun explains that this phrase triggered something in him. He knew that everything that had happened in his life did so for a reason. He wrote 24 Freestyle to express how he felt and share his story with the world.

California's rising rap star

The up-and-coming Indie rap artist showcases his unique style and quick lyrical prowess in his latest song. While 24 Freestyle features mostly undergrad rap, there is a level of genre-blending with influences of alternative hip-hop and minimalist R&B.

Fans praise the song for its outbursts of emotion filled with impressive rapping. Some have even compared him to Drake in his earlier years. Regardless, De’Vaun’s innovative style and melodic interludes have made him a force to be reckoned with in the local SoCal music scene. 

De’Vaun is an emerging San Diego artist. He plans on releasing new singles soon on his YouTube page and website.

De’Vaun writes, "With that said, what better way to start the year than by acknowledging these things and making a declaration to celebrate all of my wins and to never sulk too long over losses. 24 and beyond, I will be manifesting the most beautiful life I could ever possibly imagine. When it’s all said and done, everything will have been worth the struggle."

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