New UK Children’s Book Talks About the Importance of the Environment & Animals

Jun 24, 2021

A new book by critically acclaimed children’s author, Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt, has been recently released. Rufus Finds the Time tells the story of Rufus and his animal friends.

Looking for a great book to read to your kids that also teaches them the importance of the environment?

Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt, a personal development coach and children’s author, releases her new book, “Rufus Finds the Time”. The children’s book tells the story of Rufus and his animal friends in the forest.

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The new book tells the tale of Rufus, a curious squirrel, and his adventures with his forest friends. In particular, the book teaches the importance of the environment and how to take care of it through simple acts. The book is meant to be read out loud by you to your children.

Reading to children is one of the more recommended ways to encourage learning in kids. According to the latest educational studies, reading books aloud to children can help develop their language and listening skills!

Schmitt-Bylandt wrote the book with the intention of fostering a strong relationship between you and your child! Rufus Finds the Time should be read together so that your child can ask questions about the environment and their role in it.

There are several lessons that can be learned from the book, from environmental awareness to accepting diversity. Nevertheless, the most important lesson that the book emphasizes is the significance of taking care of the environment and how to preserve it. With its colorful designs and friendly characters, the book engages children to learn. 

You’re encouraged to pause after every few pages to ask your child about the story.

The children’s author has also released another animal adventure book, called “Cheetah and Sloth”. Here, Schmitt-Bylandt recalls one day between two friends, Cheetah and Sloth.

One review listed on Amazon wrote, “I got this to read with my 5-year-old niece. She just loved the colourful characters and whimsical world created by the author, Astrid Bylandt. This book was a joy to read for both of us – clever, witty, easy to follow and the beautiful illustrations help bring the story to life.”

Buy a copy now at so you can teach your kids the value of nature! 

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