New Sober Living Program for Young Men Launched in Westport CT

Apr 13, 2018

Westport House provides Sober Living Programs for young men aged 18-30 at their upscale facility in Westport Connecticut. Their new program provides inpatient flexibility for returning to work while living in a sober environment.

  • new sober living program for young men launched in westport ct
  • new sober living program for young men launched in westport ct

Westport House has opened a new sober living home this month in Fairfield County, CT, for men who are seeking effective, flexible aftercare in an upscale home environment. This high quality, practical sober living program differs from other recovery residences in that it allows men to oversee their daily schedule from the moment they arrive.

Fostering a life-immersion strategy that sparks passion and connection among residents, Westport House offers two aftercare programs for men: sober living and extended care. To help with the transition from treatment to life in the community, men are able to have their vehicle at the home, attend work, and benefit from the wide range of services and amenities Westport House offers.

Services and amenities include medication assisted management (MAT), day or evening intensive outpatient program (IOP) counseling, gym membership, recovery coaching, academic planning, employment coaching, adventure activities, and more.

With time and affordability of the essence for men in recovery, Founder & Executive Director, Albert Samaras, says that it’s the high demand for services that brought about Westport’s expansion. He states, “Because Westport House has traditionally been a step-down extended care model for young men, we have had to turn away numerous professionals and others who cannot sit on the sidelines for several months after rehab. Moreover, the lack of quality sober living, at an affordable price point, in Fairfield County only contributes to the demand.”

The 4,000 square feet sober living residence is close to Westport’s outpatient center, making it easy for residents to access their complete recovery support package. This makes it easier for them to properly transition from treatment to the kind of life in the community they truly desire.


Interested clients will undergo a clinical evaluation that involves a telephone interview and review of medical history. This helps determine the level of care necessary for long-term recovery. A professional staff member will assist clients through the entire admission process, answering any questions. Touring the facility beforehand is welcomed.

Costs to Attend the Sober Living Program

The costs involved in the sober living and extended care programs are based upon both clinical and residential services. Clinical services are offered at our outpatient facility, with Anthem Blue Cross and its affiliates currently in-network. Other insurance carries are soon to be added.

The residential costs are not covered by insurance and are billed monthly, usually around $5,000 per month. Extended care is $8,950 per month. This may seem costly, but it’s actually 33% lower than other Fairfield County sober living programs. There are partial scholarships available for eligible clients, as well as discounted out-of-pocket rates for those without health insurance for clinical services.

Learn More About Westport House Sober Living Program

Research shows that clients who complete treatment have a better chance at staying sober when they attend and engage in a sober living program. Designed to provide an excellent level of aftercare, Westport House clients can expect a superb post-treatment environment to focus on their ongoing recovery and life transformation. To learn more about Westport House’s sober living program, costs, services, etc., give us a call at 888-302-6790 or visit our website.

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