New Senior Living Community In Hendersonville, TN Offers 24/7 Supportive Care

Jun 29, 2021

Looking for an assisted living community that offers 24/7 supportive care services? New Hope Senior Living in Hendersonville, TN offers an all-inclusive personalized care program to ensure that you or your family member feels comfortable and right at home!

Life transitions can be hard, but the caregivers at this assisted living community will help you feel at ease and at home!

New Hope Senior Living has launched a unique senior living care option for aging adults who may need assistance with activities of daily life.

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The newly launched assisted living services offered by New Hope Senior Living will be the first of its kind in Hendersonville, TN, offering 24/7 supportive care services in a residential home.

Over the years, assisted living services for seniors have evolved from basic by-the-numbers development into an established industry that offers niche services catering to various tastes. This trend is reflected in the rise of luxury facilities that offer personalized services, fine dining, and highly qualified staff trained to make you feel at home.

New Hope Senior Living is a family-owned luxury personal care home that offers personalized care provided with a Southern charm. The facility employs an experienced team of passionate caregivers that are trained to provide care with warmth and compassion.

The New Hope Senior Living community sits on 18 acres of land, with state-of-the-art golf carts that allow you to easily move around the property. The center also schedules recreational activities to keep you engaged, including pet therapy, yoga, a book club, engaging board games, pie bake-offs, and more.

The facility offers farm-to-table dining from an in-house private chef that pays special attention to your eating habits and preferences while ensuring that meals are prepared using the healthiest ingredients.

New Hope Senior Living is led by co-founders Heather and Greg Self along with Tim Wilson as Director of Operations. Both co-founders established the residential care home as a second home where you can thrive as part of a loving community. Heather, Greg, and Tim are certified Residential Assisted Living Specialists (RALS™) and Certified Memory Care Specialists.

Co-founder Heather Self said "At New Hope Senior Living, our residents are valued, we consider every single person a part of our family. We hold a standard of having a safe place where our residents can come to find a community. The caregivers in our home are reimagining senior care in a way that is uniquely different than other assisted living facilities in Hendersonville, TN."

When you decide to make the switch to an assisted living community, you deserve the highest quality care -- the caregivers at New Hope Senior Living ensure that all of their residents receive the very best!

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