New resource for women’s bodybuilding, physique and figure competitors to rent high-end competition posing suits

Mar 26, 2017

IFBB pro women’s physique division competitor offering competition posing suits for rent for female bodybuilders and physique and figure competitors.

  • new resource for women s bodybuilding physique and figure competitors to rent hi
  • new resource for women s bodybuilding physique and figure competitors to rent hi

Erin Anna Duggan, currently an IFBB professional women's physique competitor, announced today the official launch of her inventory of competition posing suits for rent. These high-end contest posing suits are targeted for women who compete in amateur and professional figure, physique and bodybuilding shows at both regional and national levels.

The posing suits available for rent include suits made by designers such as Tamee Marie, Maggie Keaveny, Renee Paz, Passion Fruit and others. Colors available range from pearl, purple, ombre, red, black and green. Duggan indicated that all suits for rent will be meticulously washed, maintained, and will have a complete set of stones/crystals.

She said, “I want to make available some of these high end competition posing suits to everyone. Every competitor deserves to bring her best to the stage.”

According to Duggan, the process of renting and maintaining her inventory of contest suits for rent will be handled by Karen at Erin's suits are listed in the “Rent A Suit” section of that website.

In addition to winning her pro card in the women's physique division in September 2016 at the IFBB North American Championships (Pittsburgh, PA), she competed at the 2016 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio. She also has competed in contests such as the 2014 NPC National Championships (Miami, FL), 2014 WNBF Pro World Championships (heavyweight champion in the women's bodybuilding division), 2014 IFPA Pro Yorton Cup (overall women's bodybuilding champion), and other contests such as the NPC Team Universe, East Coast Cup, and NPC Eastern USA Championships.

Pictures and some videos of her suits for rent are available at Erin's website:

Videos of her suits also can be found on her YouTube channel at:

Interested parties may contact Erin through her website or by contacting Karen through the website. Media interested in contacting Duggan regarding the topic of women's bodybuilding, physique and figure competitions may reach her through her website or her social media accounts:




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