New Option in the Play-To-Earn Space. Blu Ocean Games Guild Launched

May 13, 2022

Blu Ocean Games Guild has recently announced its unique web3 game guild. Folks interested in learning more about this groundbreaking event can do so below.

New Option in the Play-To-Earn Space. Blu Ocean Games Guild Launched

Blu Ocean Games Guild, an innovative web3 game guild, has recently announced the official launch date of its upcoming BOGG organization. Rumors are already starting to circulate among observers, and die-hard fans within the web3 gaming community as BOGG now bursts into the scene with a totally unique model, unlike any other game guild. Those interested in learning more about the new launch can do so at BluOceanGamesGuild/Blog.

According to the report, folks should expect a significant difference from any typical web3 game guild or crypto project. BOGG is focused on being a ‘collaboration of players’ forming a community that comes together to play games under one united front in the Play-To-Earn space. This groundbreaking community will happen by uniting web2 versions of traditional game guilds and web3. This is expected from a business that places this much value on competitive focus, web3 education purposes, and a sense of community.

As well as that, Blu Ocean Games Guild is proudly ready to announce its main Play-To-Earn title focus being Heroes of Mavia. The Guild is also involved in games such as Farmers World and Bomb Crypto but not to the same extent they plan to be focused on Mavia. They also plan to have plentiful rewards, giveaways, and many other ways to incentivize BOGG's competitive teams and promote inspiration within their gaming community.

Finally, die-hard fans of the industry will be interested in knowing what went into creating the BOGG service. It has taken over half a year to put together, from start to finish, the initial idea to fully implement the organization. Nathan Pay, Founder of Blu Ocean Games Guild, wanted to add the project "Aims to be a unique web3 game guild with a primary focus on Heroes of Mavia and a part of many other top-tier Play-To-Earn games competitively."

About Blu Ocean Games Guild:

Blu Ocean Games Guild, an innovative web3 game guild, was founded by Nathan Pay in late 2021. It aims to be unlike any other web3 game guild and take Play-To-Earn games and competitive web3 play to another level.

For further information about Blu Ocean Games Guild, it can be discovered at BluOceanGamesGuild/Blog.

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