New Jersey Mental Health Center: Combat Depression & Addiction With IOP Therapy

Nov 28, 2023

Get the help you need to overcome depression and addiction. The Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Relevance Recovery in New Jersey (866-245-1497) offers advanced, evidence-based depression therapy you can undertake while living at home.

If your struggles with depression led to an addiction problem, the chances of overcoming both on your own are perilously close to zero.

Once your brain has become accustomed to being relaxed or stimulated with drugs or alcohol, it will drive you to keep feeding it drugs or alcohol. And when your body's motherboard tells you what it needs, it's almost impossible to defy it. First you begin to feel sick, and then anxious, or sick and anxious at the same time, and even though you're so tired of this insidious cycle, all you can do is keep it going. This is because with substances in charge, the rational part of your brain is rendered powerless.

If you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and you know it's time to find healthier ways of dealing with your depression, the Intensive Outpatient Program - more commonly known as an IOP - at Relevance Recovery might be just what you need.

Relevance Recovery offers the most advanced depression therapies available today, and help from an addictions counselor and a psychiatrist, all without checking into a round-the-clock rehab program. You can live at home, decide on a weekly therapy schedule that works for you, and have the flexibility you need to keep up with your work and family responsibilities while making your way back to a healthier you.

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Dual diagnosis, the umbrella term that describes mental health disorder and addiction comorbidity, currently affects over 7 million American adults. If you're one of them, hopefully this statistic will make you feel less alone. People with a dual diagnosis need specialized therapy so that both their mental health and addiction disorders are concurrently addressed.


At Relevance Recovery in Freeborn, New Jersey, the nation’s premier dual diagnosis treatment program, you'll find treatment that offers an evidence-based Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that won't mean uprooting your life.

If you've recently checked out of the hospital or round-the-clock rehab, this program acts as a next step, keeping you connected to the treatment you need. Think of it as the halfway point between a partial hospitalization program and regular outpatient care.

“Committing to treatment is a monumental step and arguably the best decision anyone struggling with depression and substance abuse can make. We offer several therapeutic modalities and session frequencies specifically designed to set our patients up for success.”


A major contributing factor to the development of depression is an imbalance in dopamine and serotonin. While the two neurotransmitters produce different effects in the brain, dopamine is what plays a key role in the brain's pleasure and reward centers.

If you're deficient in dopamine, you can get trapped in feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and low self-esteem. When this happens, it's tempting to soothe your feelings and emotions with drugs and/or alcohol. This habit then leads to addiction because your body becomes more reliant upon the effects substances temporarily produce. As this cycle progresses, your depressive symptoms can intensify. And here's the really bad news: once the cycle has you drinking or using daily, this can lead to serious health problems and mental health problems, including brain damage and suicidal ideation.


The IOP program at Relevance Recovery attends to your needs at a more rigorous level and frequency than a standard outpatient program. It costs less than an inpatient program while providing you with 3 hours of therapy each day, 3 to 5 times per week.

By addressing both your depression and your addiction, Relevance Recovery helps stop the progression of both so you can live the happier, healthier life in sobriety that you deserve.

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