New Immersive Reading App Develops your Child’s Cognitive Skill & Attention Span

Jun 17, 2022

For the best shot at a bright future, your children need to be strong readers. That’s why Firm Foundation Academy has launched WholeReader, a new K-12 immersive reading app. A brief daily reading assignment can gradually boost reading skill while not ruining summer break.

New Immersive Reading App Develops your Child's Cognitive Skill & Attention Span

If you want to empower your son or daughter with the vital literacy skills they need to excel in life, you need WholeReader. Don’t let their summer get sucked into a haze of wasted time scrolling on social media. Get them reading real literature instead.

The app has been launched in time for the summer with the hope that it can offer young learners the ideal summer reading program. WholeReader combines the best of traditional books with digital audiobooks, meticulously aligning hundreds of classic and modern novels with real human narration. The resulting read-along experience boosts reading comprehension so much that vocabulary and grammar acquisition happen naturally and effortlessly. A brief daily reading assignment is all it takes to progress dramatically.

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This launch coincides with the latest research from Healthline, which indicates that regular reading is essential to the development of your child’s cognitive skills, language ability, attention span, creativity, emotional intelligence, and more.

However, when school ends for the summer, many kids across the country regrettably stop reading. As a recent study from the South Central Library System showcased, summer reading is just as, if not more, essential than reading during the school term. Their researchers concluded that routine summer reading is one of the biggest factors that makes for a successful and high-achieving student.

As such, Firm Foundation Academy is proud to be launching WholeReader. This interactive, user-friendly, and engaging app hosts a vast array of popular literature tailored to every grade range from K-12.

The intuitive app also utilizes adaptive leveling to track your son or daughter’s vocabulary level and comprehension abilities. Based on this data, it selects appropriate reading material that is pitched ever so slightly above your child’s current comfort-level, so as to introduce a manageable 3-4% of new words introduced in each novel or text.

The app’s immersive combination of sight and sound provides the optimal conditions under which your children can enrich their lexicon and improve their reading fluency.

For busy parents like yourself who are working throughout the summer vacation period, WholeReader also includes a sophisticated activity reporting and parental monitoring feature.

For ideal results, students should sit down for a 45-minute reading session daily. Firm Foundation Academy believes that with dedicated daily attention to reading, your child will improve in all facets of their schooling. Unlike other assignments that your kids may have for the summer, the goal of the app is that it is also a fun, engaging, and easy way for them to learn and excel.

WholeReader is an immersive reading app suitable for your children, regardless of their age. The app and its tailored reading programs are designed to improve your kids’ educational outcomes and, therefore, their future.

A spokesperson for the app developers said, “Your child is smarter than you could possibly know, but literacy is not a switch you flip, it is a decade-long ladder to gradually climb. Start a lifetime habit of reading today, with the app, with access to a thousand hours of richly-narrated books.”

If you want to give your child the best head start in life, give them books this summer, give them WholeReader.

Visit to sign your family up today.

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