New Google Maps Optimization Guide Shows How To Boost Your Local Search Ranking

Mar 26, 2024

Want to appear on Google Maps and reach more local customers? Martec Media (321-345-7222) can help you do just that with their guide – covering everything from Google Business Profile optimization to citation building.

Google Maps is becoming super important for local businesses nowadays, especially with everyone using mobiles for online searches. If you want more people to find your business and walk through your doors ready to buy, then this guide from Martec Media is what you need. 

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How To Rank On Google Maps & The 3-Pack Listing 

Titled “Rank Higher On Google Maps: Agency Strategy Guide & SEO Tips,” this guide provides insights into the various elements that contribute to higher rankings and visibility on Google Maps—and how businesses, particularly those with a local presence, can leverage these factors to generate more leads and sales.  

According to the guide, Google looks at three main things when it's deciding what to show in local search results: relevance, proximity, and trustworthiness. So, one simple yet powerful way to show you’re relevant is by claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).  

Strategies For Creating Highly Optimized Google Business Profiles That Deliver Results 

Creating a Google Business Profile (GBP) is free and gives you control over the information that is displayed by the search engine. 

But just setting it up isn’t enough, you also need to provide all the details, like your business name, what you do, where you are, how to contact you, and when you're open. 

To make your profile stand out, add detailed descriptions of your products or services, upload relevant photos, and, if possible, offer a virtual tour of your facility. 

Consistent NAP Information Is Key To Higher Google Maps Ranking  

Keeping your info consistent across the web is crucial for ranking high on Google Maps - that means making sure your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are the same everywhere. 

If they're not, Google might struggle to verify your business, which could drag down your local SEO ranking. The guide talks about ways to fix any mismatches, like auditing all your business listings online. 

Turbocharge Your Local SEO With Positive Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews can also give your Google Maps ranking a big boost. The guide points out how having a strong positive library of customer reviews and feedback builds trust and credibility. 

And, if you want to kick your Google Business Profile up a notch, the guide explains how to build relevant citations and backlinks and use Google Posts to drive customer engagement.  

“The secret sauce to ranking well on Google Maps isn’t really a secret at all—it’s about relevance, distance, and prominence,” a company spokesperson said. “In this guide, we outlined easy-to-implement, practical steps for improving your Google Maps visibility.” 

 Ready to elevate your online presence and appear on Google Maps? Read this guide. 

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