New Google Algorithm Updates in 2020? Respond With These Proven SEO & Content Strategies

Jun 23, 2020

When Google algorithm updates result in increased stress and anxiety within marketing content and SEO teams, that means they should not be taken lightly. But what should be the reaction of website owners who want to enjoy long-term top rankings? Check out the new blog post by Chris Munch to find out.

  • new google algorithm updates in 2020 respond with these proven seo amp content s
  • new google algorithm updates in 2020 respond with these proven seo amp content s

Chris Munch released a new powerful resource that can help you understand the Google algorithm updates and site movements with clarity and confidence.

The article “Ignore Latest Google Algorithm Updates: Why SEOs in 2020 Get Lost in Penalties & Fixes” is available at

Core Google algorithmic updates are a natural part of the overall search algorithm. Whenever such updates happen (it might happen several times a day, and Google might not explicitly announce such updates), there are chances that the website might experience movements in rankings.

Many users are interested to analyze in dept the Google algorithm changes and learn what happens behind the scenes and most importantly how to recover from the updates if they got hit.

Munch writes: “Every Google update essentially ends up giving the same advice … create lots of great content and go softer with that greyhat or blackhat SEO.”

The article is eye-opening and value-packed: it helps readers understand what the Google update BERT and other updates mean for their sites and how they can continue to rank on Page 1 of Google and drive targeted traffic regardless of any Google algorithm changes.

Expert Tips For Marketers & SEOs in A Reactive Mode

Chris Munch recommends that site owners should not be too concerned about the site movements, and should just focus on the long term and what works: they can keep their top ranking positions with proven strategies like the competition hook mixing strategies that he teaches AmpiFire users.

Munch also specifies that the AmpiFire omnipresent digital marketing campaigns are extremely effective in helping clients retain their top-ranking positions, boost their rankings, improve their online presence and reach their marketing goals.

The AmpiFire campaigns are comprised of high-quality news articles, blog posts, podcast audio episodes, SlideShare presentations, and videos and can be used for promoting eCommerce products, local businesses and for generating more traffic to various online properties.

Training in running omnipresent digital marketing campaigns and in implementing the hook mixing strategy can give any marketer, SEO expert or business owner an edge and can help them dominate Page 1 of Google’s search results. With all the Google updates that are happening, those are strategies that still work.

Interested parties can check the new article on Munchweb and learn more about the changes in the search engine landscape and learn some proven digital marketing techniques at

You can learn more about AmpiFire at .

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