New Emergency Alert Companies Arising as Baby Boomers Embrace Technology

Nov 17, 2016

Medical alert systems and business security systems usage is on the rise as Baby Boomers adopt mobile technology with emergency technology.

Medical alert systems usage is on the rise, and so are the number of technology companies making use of the Internet to bring innovative products to market. According to a recent Harvard study, the medical alert industry alone will grow to over $20b by the year 2020, and is largely being fueled by the Baby Boomers. One legacy medical alert company who does over $3 billion annually is ready to meet the rising demand with their innovative mobile applications for medical alert systems found at They have successfully married mobile technology with personal emergency alert systems that also tie into GPS systems for location tracking. The original systems developed have evolved from a push-button technology that now carries automatic fall detection. Alerts can be automatically sent to the call center even if users are unable to push the button. They've even made the wearable devices with the ability to alert a loved one if something arises. With Baby Boomers coming along with the Internet of Things, this generation is no stranger to mobile phones and social media, so it naturally follows that the technology they're used to can now be harnessed to save their life if needed. According to their website, the devices "give seniors the opportunity to live independent lives," which is something that Boomers fiercely hold on to as they age. With the onset of life's challenges, and the number of senior citizens now coming of age in the USA and around the world, the market will be driven by a tech savvy audience who will now embrace the technology where their predecessors have been historically skeptical. As for the case of business security, the same company has cross-pollinated personal and business security with mobile technology. They've also been at the forefront of physical security alerts, in the case of intruders. While many companies focus on the security of their IT networks, focusing on the hard assets of business security is As they continue to innovate, they've made internet-connected security systems much more accessible and useful to business owners. This trend towards connected security will continue growing through 2020 as savvy business owners become more aware of the low-barrier entry points available to them thanks to innovative companies in the industry. The marketing arms shown above represent technologies from a company that has been in business for over 140 years and has over 6 million customers and growing across their many sectors including medical and business. They can be found at locations nationwide or online.
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