New Ebook Offers Torticollis Therapy & Management Advice For Struggling Parents

Apr 6, 2024

If your child has been diagnosed with congenital muscular torticollis, it’s understandable to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Community Health and Education Services now offers a comprehensive guide that can help you navigate and understand this condition and its treatment.

Raising an infant is already a full-time job and a congenital muscular torticollis (CMT) diagnosis can add unexpected stress, anxiety, and confusion to an already emotionally challenging time.

But, you're not alone. Navigating Torticollis: A Roadmap to Your Child's Well-being published by Community Health and Education Services can help you understand this condition and ensure your child gets the treatment they need for a healthy future.

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The Nature of CMT

CMT is a condition in which an infant is born with abnormal contracture or tightness in their sternocleidomastoid muscle, located in the neck. This tightness can prevent babies from moving their heads correctly, impairing the development of various motor skills.

If left untreated, CMT can eventually lead to more serious developmental issues like flat head syndrome, or plagiocephaly, and concerning delays in children reaching certain motor skill milestones.

After an infant has been diagnosed with CMT, parents can often feel overwhelmed and confused about the condition and its various treatments. Integrating therapy exercises into everyday routines can also create anxiety. But, educating yourself on the complexities of this condition and the various treatment methods can help alleviate your mental and emotional pain so you can focus on what's most important.

Source of Hope and Knowledge

Navigating Torticollis: A Roadmap to Your Child's Well-being was created to provide essential information for parents to alleviate stress and pain points.

This comprehensive ebook was written by Dr. Phillips-Williams who is a healthcare professional with years of clinical experience in pediatric care. The author was inspired to create this comprehensive guide for parents after witnessing firsthand the stress, confusion, and overwhelm parents often experience when their children have been diagnosed with CMT.

With limited resources available for parents in this situation, the ebook provides hope and knowledge that can help you ensure your infant gets exactly the care they need.

Navigating Torticollis: A Roadmap to Your Child's Well-being is structured into sixteen chapters covering a range of CMT-related topics. You can learn about surgical options, advanced medical interventions, and the intricate connection between CMT and Sandifer syndrome.

You can also learn practical techniques for early intervention and home treatment of CMT, including repositioning programs, orthotics, and tailored care plans.

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