New Black Owned Publishing House In Oakland Offers Platform To Authors Of Color

Jul 15, 2021

In 2021, it is time to meaningfully elevate voices of colour in literature. That’s why a new completely black owned and run publishing company, KoolEmpire Publishing, has been launched in Oakland, California.

Despite the gains that we continue to make for equality and empathy in society, there are still many walls to be broken down and much work to be done. That’s why the black owned publishing house KoolEmpire Publishing wants to elevate the voices of people in color, finding new audiences for new stories and new perspectives.

KoolEmpire Publishing LLC, a new black owned publishing company from the diverse city of Oakland, California, is now offering people of color the opportunity to tell their story their way. 

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The formation of this new black owned and black oriented publishing house coincides with the latest data from 2020, which indicated that in the decade preceding less than 8% of published authors were people of color, and that the number of black, Hispanic, Asian and minority ethnic protagonists in novels was still only 4%.

Given the fact that these groups make up around 40% of the US population, and an even greater proportion of the population of the highly diverse melting pot of Oakland, KoolEmpire Publishing believes that in 2021 it is time for all literary voices to be heard.

In fact, according to the 2010 census in Oakland black residents made up 28% of the city’s population, the Hispanic community 25%, and the Asian population 16% which is why KoolEmpire believes Oakland is the perfect hub from which to launch new, fresh literary voices, voices who can tell diverse, unique, authentic and complex stories.

More about their mission as a publishing house and the reasons that the time is now to publish more varied and rich stories is available on their social media platforms including Fanbase, Instagram, and Twitter

The goal of KoolEmpire Publishing is to help people share their journeys and experiences through the book form, and in turn to offer the Californian and US community the opportunity to see the world from different angles and viewpoints, offering new perspectives that can foster understanding and empathy. 

KoolEmpire Publishing LLC’s mission is to elevate black voices in a realm in which they sadly continue to be underrepresented. With a shared focus on both storytelling and social justice their mission is to entertain and engage readers while promoting growth, learning and education. 

A spokesperson for the publishing house said, “KoolEmpire Publishing is a company founded under the desire to break free from the chains of struggle.”

We all have a role to play in making America a more open, understanding and rich country, full of individuality. Take your first step today by showing your support for this exciting new literary initiative.

If you would like to read some of their exciting upcoming works or find out more about their equality centered business model you can also check out their LinkedIn page at

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