New BitsgapBot Review

Jun 14, 2021

Bitsgap Trading Bot in-depth review published along with strategy guides available for use on almost any exchange.

Bitsgap Trading Bot has received a great review from!

The trading bot is designed to give traders access to both fiat and cryptocurrencies across major exchanges on the market, including Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken, and many more.

Users can set up automated trades with grid bots that execute transactions based on pre-defined settings.

Trading with bots is nothing new to the crypto space, but the chief advantage of Bitsgap Trading Bot is the ability to use it with any trading exchange.

“This bot is highly functional and easy to use,” said the reviewer on

The review go into great detail on how easy the grid bots are to set up, and how they provide traders with a strategy that is simple but highly effective sharing their actual results gaining 0.7% to 2% in their testing.

Specific strategies are revealed showing users how to profit from both long and short trades.

It also talks about the excellent customer service provided by Bitsgap, which is available 24/hrs a day in case of emergencies.

The review points out some flaws with the futures trading bot. Citing limitations in grid size and only being available on Binance.

Bot trading is an attracting traders tired of losing from manual trading.

Bots remove the emotional aspect of trading and execute trades based on pre-programmed parameters without any form of bias.

bot trading is a new option that traders can use to gain the upper hand in their investing endeavors.

Bot trading has been gaining momentum and it’s not hard to see why, as they offer many advantages over manual trade execution allowing traders to grow their investments with minimal effort.

The review concludes with an overall rating of A+ for this trading bot. “Been using Grid Bots exclusively to trade crypto positions all year so far”

Bitsgap Trading Bot was developed by an experienced team of programmers who have extensive knowledge in programming languages like Java and Python for building high quality software solutions. You can read more about this new review titled “Bitsgap Trading Bot for Passive Profits” at

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