New Album “Perfectly Flawed Vol.2,” blend of Rock & Roll, Rap, Pop & Heavy Metal

Sep 4, 2021

Alyasa-GK’s latest album, Perfectly Flawed Vol.2, debuts September 16, 2021. Alyasa-GK continues to show his versatility as this album is a blend of Rock & Roll, Rap, Pop, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, and drum & bass. He also wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced all songs on the album. Alyasa-GK also, drew all cover designs and edited all videos. Like he said on his first album “I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist.” Perfectly Flawed Vol. 2 is an eclectic mix of different styles and sounds, placing Alyasa-GK’s in the “Creative Musical Artist’ category, as he possess the agility to jump through various genres.

Alyasa-GK Perfectly Flawed Vol. 2

Perfectly Flawed Vol. 2 is the second installment in Alyasa-GK’s “Perfectly Flawed” Rock/Rap trilogy. Volume Two continues Alyasa-GKs story from his first album, which was released September 16th 2019. Exactly two years later Alyasa-GK is back with 10 new songs. This album shows his growth from his previous project. Each song tells a different story as they flow seamlessly into each other. Alyasa-GK continues to show his versatility, as this album is a blend of Rock & Roll, Rap, Pop, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, and drum & bass. He also wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced all songs on the album. As well as, drew all artwork and edited all videos. Like he said on his first album “I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist.” Perfectly Flawed Vol. 2 is an eclectic mix of different styles and sounds making Alyasa-GK’s music stand out, as he jumps the chasm genre.

1 Legacy

Legacy is a guitar heavy song with wild melodies a powerful guitar solo. In Legacy Alyasa-GK raps about what type of musical legacy he want to leave behind, and his reasons for creating music. He raps about his motivation, chasing his dreams and comparing himself to other artists who just create for money and fame not the love of music. Form follows function, Alyasa-GK believes in himself and creating his Legacy through his love of music and art. “My family sees me, what else do I need? This is my Legacy.”

2 Bet On Yourself

Inspired by the Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet “Bet On Yourself” is about believing in yourself no matter what cards life gives you. When you’re struggling or getting down by life you have to remember why you started in the first place. Remember why you love and are passionate about what you do. There will be setbacks but you can’t let it get you down. You have everything you need to succeed inside of you. You have to believe in yourself and your dreams no matter what. No matter what your vision or mission is go get it! “I’m creating not competing, all I am is all I need.”

3 Cradle 2 The Grave (My Way)

This heavy metal song is about living your life your way no matter what. Not worrying about what other people say about you chasing your dreams. It’s your life, you know who you are, and what you were put on this Earth to do. From the Cradle to the grave never give up. Don’t just talk about it be about it. Be confident in yourself, you have one life to live, so live it the best you can. Get it now, never later. “Were just trying to thrive, not survive day to day. It takes a lifetime to build and a second to lose, so when you hear this I’ll be long gone anyways.

4 Smorgasbord

This heavy metal song is rhythm driven from the thick basslines and heavy chugging guitars. In Smorgasbord, Alyasa-GK raps about “eating” the competition. Each verse is a different “course” where Alyasa-GK raps about always being hungry when it comes to eating the competition. When you’re aiming to be the best you welcome any competition. You have to have the fire in your soul to be the best, better than anyone else. You either eat or get eaten. “Welcome to my Smorgasbord, I’m going overboard. I’m bored of you rappers this feels like a chore. You’re an appetizer not the main course.”

5 Perfectly Flawed Vol 2

In the title track of the album Alyasa-GK continues his story from the first volume. In this heavy hip hop song Alyasa-GK raps in various flows about rebuilding his broken dreams, as well as his intuition, and vision when it comes to his music. He raps about combining his art and music to express himself, and to get his ideas and thoughts out. You are who you are, nobody is perfect. You have to accept all your flaws, they are a part of who you are. “Everything I am, I’ve always been. Everything I’m not, makes me complete.”

6 Type Of Girl

This Pop Rock song is about girls who get judged by society by how they act, dress, or look. It’s an upbeat party song with catchy guitar melodies and a heavy kick that’s perfect to dance to. This song is telling them to own who they are and live their life how they want. If they are going to judge you anyways you might as well live it up! “You’re the type of girl they make songs about, so this ones for you.”

7 Home

In this laid back Pop song Alyasa-GK raps about “Home” being where ever music plays. This song is also featuring his friend Jordon Woolley who sings along in the chorus and background. It slowly builds up to a booming catchy chorus. This song is about how he lives through the music he makes. When you press play he is with you so he’s never really gone. So let it play! “Home is where the heart is, home is where the beat plays. No lie, the beat is intertwined with this heartbeat of mine. So I am home.”

8 The 666

This heavy metal song was inspired by horror movies and is about Toronto or the “6”. Comparing the city of Toronto to a hellish landscape. The guitar melody follows Alyasa-GK as he describes the city he lives in. In “The 666” Alyasa-GK raps about crime, drugs, violence, the government, and the people living in the city. Times are tough in Toronto and they just keep getting tougher. Are you tougher than the times? People have to do what they can to survive. “A product of society, and the city made me. I ain’t from the 6. This the 666. We so Devilish!”

9 Triple Lunar

Triple Lunar is a soft grunge rock song inspired by the “Triple Goddesses.” The maiden, mother, and crone. An archetype in Paganism. In this song Alyasa-GK raps about the sprits, energies and deities throughout the world. This song features more piano and strings than the rest of the album, which makes it stand out. Alyasa-GK also sings along with the “Spirits” in the chorus giving it a spooky feeling. This song is about respecting nature, and respecting the Earth and the spirits that guide us. There are a lot of mysteries about this Earth we don’t know about. There are energies and spirits we don’t understand. But we have to respect them as a part of nature. “Is this fate? Life, pain, death. Death of the wilderness, death of her kids? We need protection, from the nightmares. But don’t be scared, the spirits are right here.”

10 In My Head (Talking To Myself)

In this heavy rap song Alyasa-Gk raps about living in his head, talking to himself, and constantly overthinking. This song is driven by drum & bass instead of guitars. This song is a look into Alyasa-GK’s mental health and how that is a part of his creation process. His lyrics come from him having constant “rap cyphers/battles” against himself in his head. He wonders if the music he creates is building or tearing down the walls in his head. He uses his music to express himself, but at the same time overthinks the creation process. He tries to find peace with the hourglass because he knows his time is limited yet is trying to create a Legacy. “This ain’t hip hop this is soul pursuing, exploring corners of my mind as they inquire how I do it.”

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