New Affordable Single-Family Houses & Townhouses For Rent Near Port Charlotte

Apr 30, 2024

Looking for high-quality rental housing In Port Charlotte? Look no more. MODRN Living’s beautiful Gasparilla Road development offers high-tech single-family homes and townhomes conveniently located halfway between Fort Myers and Sarasota, at prices you can afford!

It's no secret that the current cost of rental housing in Florida is sky-highMODRN Living's mission is to bring affordable, energy-efficient, high-tech rental housing to The Sunshine State.

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MODRN Living has built much-needed rental housing in the fast-growing Fort Myers/Sarasota area to help create a more sustainable housing ecosystem for working-class residents.

As one spokesperson explained, the company "intends to build modern, design- and function-forward, high-tech homes in markets in dire need of additional, workforce housing."

Homes With The Latest Technology

The single-family homes and townhomes in MODRN Living's Gasparilla Road development integrate the latest technologies, including smart home systems, energy-efficient designs, and advanced building materials.

The company's unique wall panel system, which offers greater resistance to weather, pests, and wind than traditional building materials, can save you up to 75% on home energy costs!

Townhomes & Single-Family Homes

Gasparilla Road's single-family houses and townhomes range from 1,600 to 1,900 square feet, including 2-4 bedrooms, 2-2.5 bathrooms, and a garage.

Each home also has either a private, functional yard or a roof deck, making them perfect for enjoying outdoor activities with your family and friends. These modern rental homes also feature premium materials for all countertops, cabinets, flooring, and other surfaces for a clean, polished, and contemporary aesthetic.

With an open layout for the kitchen and living room, these homes are well-equipped for hosting dinner parties, game day parties, holiday parties, and any other kind of celebration.

Be Part Of A Community 

As a resident of Gasparilla Road, you will have access to a range of amenities, including the clubhouse which can be used for events and functions, and its large, brand-new pool.

The development also includes tennis courts, available to all residents, and extensive walking paths to encourage physical activity and a community-friendly atmosphere.

Located in Placida, the Gasparilla Road development is centrally located and near grocery stores, restaurants, and retail shops, making it convenient for working parents as well as single professionals. The development is also close to beaches, public marinas, barrier islands, and golf courses, so making all your weekend leisure activities and day trips happen just got easier.

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