Need A Business Audit/Assurance In Lake Worth Beach? Call This Acclaimed CPA

May 21, 2024

No one likes a financial audit but monitoring your accounts and ensuring your business is compliant with regulations could end up being crucial to your survival. Audits don’t have to be awful when you work with Stephen G. Rosen CPA (561-609-2388) in Lake Worth Beach.

Nervous about a potential IRS audit? Want to make sure your business operations are financially watertight and free from fraud risks?

Reach out to Stephen G. Rosen CPA – a tax and accounting specialist based in Boca Raton, FL – for expert business auditing services. Now serving companies in the Lake Worth Beach area. More details at

The services offer you expertise in account inspections to evaluate and validate accuracy. The Rosen firm ensures that all your balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow records are in order, free of discrepancies, and compliant with IRS and tax regulations.

Internal Control Inspection

Rosen's business auditing focuses on gaining an understanding of your company's internal processes and controls and assessing the risk of fraudulent practices. The firm produces a report identifying any material weaknesses that might compromise your ability to operate safely and in accordance with financial regulations. Audits are often a requirement if you're seeking investment or planning to sell your company.

Expert Analysis

CPAs performing audits are duty-bound to identify and report any material misstatements found in financial records and statements. Through a combination of inquiries, analysis, and substantiating procedures, Stephen G. Rosen and his team ensure that the amounts you reported are reasonable and fairly presented.

IRS Crackdown

With the IRS recently announcing its intention to hire 30,000 more agents, many entrepreneurs are concerned at the prospect of an increase in external audits. By enlisting the services of a CPA, you can prepare for potential inspections, identify issues and correct them before you fall foul of financial framework directives such as GAAP and IFRS.

“We have handled correspondence and audits from IRS, NYS, NJ, Florida as well as other states, including Sales and Payroll tax audits, working out solutions to keep the taxing agencies off your back,” says a Rosen spokesperson. “Focus on your business at hand, and don't stress about audits and notices.”

Rosen's internal assessment looks at your key business processes such as payroll approvals, transaction authorizations, and inventory management. Bank accounts are reconciled, journal entries are examined, and both you and your employees may be interviewed as part of the anti-fraud investigations.

A Highly Experienced CPA

Mr. Rosen's firm was first established in 1997 and he brings over 40 years of experience in the tax and audit departments of small to medium-sized accounting firms. He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the National Association of Tax Planners, among others.

In addition to its business auditing services, the firm also offers tax preparation, financial analysis for divorces, and life insurance consulting.

Whatever type of accounting support you need, reach out to Stephen G. Rosen CPA today!

For more information, call 561-609-2388 or visit

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