Neck Traction & Stretching Device For Women In Their 30s Stops Tension Headaches

Jul 28, 2023

Desk Jockey’s new ergonomic neck traction device is the number one at-home device for pain relief and neck health. Buy yours today and say goodbye to neck pain and headaches for good.

If you end every day with a sore neck and a headache, you are probably feeling tired, stressed, and at the end of your tether.

Thankfully, Desk Jockey has a new neck traction device that uses gentle cervical traction to encourage realignment of your cervical vertebra and combines this with relaxing heat therapy and frequency pulses to offer you both immediate pain relief and long-term improvement of the health of your neck and cervical spine. Desk Jockey particularly recommends this device to you if you are a woman who is suffering from chronic neck pain or nerve pain, and from the many secondary symptoms and referred pain this causes.

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Although this device is suitable for both men and women, and for people of all ages, Desk Jockey believes this device can be of particular use to young women in their 30s, like yourself. As a recent study conducted by the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City revealed, women are two to three times more likely than men to suffer neck issues and to suffer the headaches these conditions often cause. As the doctors at Montefiore Medical Center explained, these conditions also often hit women in their 30s the hardest—which is also a critical time in your life when you are probably taking care of a young family whilst working full time.

Desk Jockey appreciates that, if you are a young mom in your 30s, you are unlikely to regularly take yourself to the chiropractor because you are likely are already battling against an excessively full schedule. That’s why they are proud to be retailing their new ergonomic neck traction device, which you can use comfortably at home, at any time, and which offers you immediate pain relief.

Utilizing new technology from the forefront of chiropractic care, the device works on three main levels. Firstly, the device’s ergonomic neck rest has an electric traction mechanism which places your cervical spine on a healthy incline and encourages your vertebra to stretch and realign. This central mechanism is supported by heat therapy, which helps the muscles of your neck to stretch more freely and which also reduces more superficial symptoms of stiffness and soreness. Finally, the device uses frequency pulses, which Desk Jockey describes as a natural pain-killer, which encourage the nerves of your neck to block your pain signals.

Desk Jockey is confident that, when you use their neck traction device, you will experience immediate relief from acute or chronic neck pain and from the tension headaches it causes. They also recommend its use in cases of herniated disks, osteoarthritis and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Desk Jockey is proud to retail products that can genuinely help you feel better.

A spokesperson for the online retailers said, “We are committed to making people’s daily working lives less painful, more comfortable, and safer. Our primary focus is on improving the lives of our customers and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.”

Don’t live day in and day out in pain.

Instead, visit and buy Desk Jockey’s new ergonomic neck traction device. Your cervical spine will thank you!

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